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HerSUPPZ Ambassador PERKS:

When you are accepted as an exclusive HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassador you will receive

  • You will receive a coupon code for $100 to use towards any and/or products online to use and to share those products purchased with the $100 on all your social media outlets.  This payout is currently 4 times per quarter. That means you will receive $400 of FREE product for you to use of your choice!
  • You will receive a personal coupon code for 10% to use and to give out to your Follower’s for 10% every order you place on

The free top and free bottom is a gift from us and must be HerSUPPZ or Suppz logo wear.  This is to wear proudly and show off your new and exciting adventure with us!  The $100 quarterly payment may be used for anything you desire from the website.  Pretty awesome, hey!

HerSUPPZ Ambassador DUTIES:

As a HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassador, you will receive the above-mentioned perks in return for encouraging, inspiring, and recommending others to go to and/or the sites often via…

  • Sharing your personal story on the HerSUPPZ website and or social outlets
  • Promoting the use of products, articles, recipes, workouts, etc in at least two social shares per month. Posts must tag HerSUPPZ and use the hashtag #FindYourStrength, #HerSUPPZAmbassador & #HerSUPPZBlog
  • Provide a minimum of one article every 3 months that is #FindYourStrength inspired
  • Provide recipes and/or videos that feature products available for sale on the SUPPZ web page. Providing a recipe or video will count for your one article per quarter.
  • Write unique customer reviews on all products purchased through
  • Leave a comment on at least 3 articles, recipes, workouts, etc per quarter.
  • Wear HerSUPPZ and/or Suppz logoed gear during workouts, events & competitions and post pictures to social channels accordingly.
  • Actively like, share, and repost HerSUPPZ posts on social channels.
  • Subscribe to HerSUPPZ newsletter along with creating an active login account for


HerSUPPZ Ambassador FAQS:

How long does an Ambassadorship last?

Sponsorships will be considered each quarter (currently a 3-month period). We will consider the applicant/ambassadorship after each quarter. (*see below)

Can Ambassadorship be renewed?

Ambassadorship may be renewed by request of the applicant or will be informed by a HerSUPPZ representative.

How many Ambassadors are chosen?

There is currently no set number of Ambassadors. Each application will be taken into careful consideration. The intent is to have a good variety among the Ambassadors selected. We are currently only accepting applications in the US.

How will I be notified if I am chosen for the HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassadorship program?

The applicant will be notified of receipt of the application. We currently keep all applications on file for future acceptance.

Will my story be posted on the website?

Yes. Your story will be posted and is subject to editing by our staff. We will not alter your story. “Changes” for SEO scoring and editing purposes only. Your acceptance allows HerSUPPZ rights to all pictures, content, and name from your public social media to be used accordingly including logoed images for webpage and social media.

How do I get my $400 worth of product?

Each quarter (*currently every 3-months) you will be emailed a personal coupon code redeemable on the website in the value of $100 (USD). All criteria must be met for coupon to be issued.

To be considered for the HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassador Program, please email [email protected]

To be considered for the HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassador Program, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • Facebook link (include # of followers)
  • Instagram link (include # of followers
  • personal homepage and/or blog URL
  • Have you purchased products from or any affiliated entities such as Suppz Stores or Suppz Gyms? If yes, what products have you purchased?
  • What inspires you to lead a healthy lifestyle? Tell us about your journey in health and fitness (limit 100 words).
  • Are you a member of any supplement, weight loss or training entity? (ex: Beachbody, Personal Trainer, Advocare, Thrive, Herbalife etc)
  • What makes you an influencer within your social media community and why do people follow you?
  • Using 5 words, how would you describe HerSUPPZ to others?
  • Why should HerSUPPZ choose you to be a Brand Ambassador (limit 100 words)?

*our current payout period is 3 months (Dec/Jan/Feb,  Mar/Apr/May,  June/July/Aug,  Sept/Oct/Nov).  HerSUPPZ reserves the right to make adjustments to this schedule at any time.

**HerSUPPZ reserves the right to revoke an individual’s Brand Ambassadorship and/or the entire Brand Ambassador program at any given time if the above requirements are not met or if the ambassador displays undesirable or disrespectful behavior as per HerSUPPZ.

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