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You limit yourself the moment you think that you can’t do something.

When I started to become more interested in fitness training about two-years ago I had this preconceived theory that it was almost impossible to be successful in one’s personal AND professional life. It had seemed to me that either a woman had a joyous and full personal life, OR a thriving career portfolio, but rarely have I encountered women who have both. I never thought that I would be the girl that would bash this theory.

A few years ago you would not find me waking up at 4:00am to hit the gym before work or taking a couple hours every Sunday evening to prep meals for the week. And never did I even consider I would be training for a bodybuilding competition. But here I am, doing all of that and working a full-time position at a financial services company.

To back things up a bit, I was fortunate enough to have worked my way through college and earned an education that aided in my career search. About a year before college graduation I started to become more interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. It was then that I purchased some personal training sessions and paid closer attention to my nutrition. I purposely set a high goal for myself that would keep me accountable in the gym and to help motivate me to make better lifestyle choices. So what better than signing up for a natural bodybuilding show, right? Yeah, I’ll admit looking back on it now that seemed a bit extreme… BUT I couldn’t be anymore thankful for my competitive spirit to do it.

Through about 9 or 10 months of training before stepping on stage I worked my physique to be in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have been more proud of where I started from, the dedication through all the obstacles, and the result that came from it. At the time, I was a senior in college working 2-3 part time jobs totaling around 35 hours a week, taking 16 credits, and commuting 45 minutes to campus (one way). Reflecting back to my days then, I had almost every minute of my day planned out starting from 4:00am getting up to go to the gym to train, all the way to 10:00pm when I would lay down for bed.


Could I have given up? Yeah.

Would it have may any difference in anyone’s life if I would’ve given up? Nope.

So why did I decide to stay committed? Because I was doing it for ME. I decided I wanted to compete. I decided I wanted to make a change. I chose to inspire others who were struggling with motivation or accountability in making the same changes. I wanted to prove to myself that I could be successful in my career while growing personally through bodybuilding.


Moving through the timeline, I graduated in May 2016 and decided to begin training for another show in the Fall of 2016. I knew that I would be up for a new challenge with a professional and personal lifestyle balance shift since I would no longer need to work 2-3 part time jobs or be forced to commute 45 minutes twice a day. I actually was preparing myself to begin a professional career. Starting a full-time position with a large company actually made my days easier. I still wake up at 4:00am to train and make it into work cleaned-up by 8:00am (if not earlier). And then by the time 4:00pm rolls around, I’m usually already on my drive home or already at home for the evening. I have more time in my day than ever before.

Now, is every day like this? No, absolutely not. There are some days I returned home at 7:00pm wondering where my day went. There are some days that I feel stressed out and want to quit. However, practicing perseverance in personal and professional development will be the key to success.

So for anyone who actually took the time to read this whole article let me challenge you with this; Set a personal and professional goal for yourself. Set goals that you never thought would be obtainable, or goals that you can’t quite picture yourself achieving.  Then work towards them each day. Each day look for small improvements that you can make to get yourself closer to achieving them.


If you want help in setting goals or need someone to keep you accountable. Here’s my email [email protected] Send me an email and refer to this post. Mention to me what your goal is, or what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll work together to keep each other accountable. Full disclosure, I’m not nutrition certified in any way, shape, or form. Nor do I have a personal training certification, but I’d love to help in any way possible to help you #FindYourStrength!


desiree_marty-HERSUPPZDesiree Hendrickson is from a small town in Southwest Wisconsin. She enjoys everything outdoors and strives to live a healthy lifestyle. Desiree believes life is about balance between a personal and professional lifestyle. She continues to challenge herself with new goals and athletic pursuits to keep her body and mind guessing.

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