B.Strong70.3 – Whatever It Takes

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razor SharpThis weekend presented itself with a few challenges. I was heading to Racine, WI for a weekend with family. I was not sure where I would have an opportunity to swim, I knew I would probably not get my long run in because I’m not comfortable running by myself in Racine, and biking wasn’t an option. So, I got creative. Plan A was going to be to go to Xperience Fitness in Racine. It looked like a nice place, had an indoor pool and was right up the street from my house. So I headed up there shortly after arriving into town only to find out it was $20 a day as a guest to use their facilities and they weren’t the friendliest of people. There was NO way I was paying that much. So I looked online for other options. There was a YMCA a little outside of town, so that was my next thought. Then my mom mentioned Razor Fitness. They are Silver Sneakers members there and so I gave them a call. With my parents’ membership it only cost $10! Sold! So, even though my mom was wondering why I had to work out when I was home on vacation, I packed up all my gear and headed for Razor Sharp.

It can be intimidating going to a place you’ve never been before. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Up until now, Deanna Harding usually accompanied me on these outings. So, it would have been extremely easy to stay home, eat Easter M&Ms and do nothing. But I know I need to stay as true to this training as humanly possible-Whatever it takes. So in I went. It actually reminded me a lot of SUPPZ. The people were really friendly and helped me out a lot. I found the pool-I was the only one there. I had the whole pool to myself. I got my skimmers on and proceeded to swim 1,000 yards. Next up? The bike! They had a spinner bike that had an odometer so I hopped on it and for the next hour or so, I pedaled until I got to 30 miles. It wasn’t on a real bike and it wasn’t outside in the windy conditions, but it was something!

Before I headed back to Lancaster, I had to head down to the beach. I had to remind myself why getting in these swims is so important. I have to admit that as I stood on the shoreline looking out at the lake, my nerves started getting to me. Can I really do this? How in the heck will I ever be ready for this?¬† But then I remember the why behind all this. There is no time for self-doubt. I just need to stay as true to my workouts as I can. It’s not easy. Far from it. I had to turn down a Girls’ Night because I had to swim that night. I’ve had some soreness from my super difficult trainings with Justin, but I just have to keep going and stay mentally tough. It’s already been an incredible journey and I’m only 3 weeks in (even though I’m repeating Week 3 because apparently I started my training program too early-right Joe Krantz? I need to learn how to read a calendar). And because I didn’t get my long run in this week.

lake michigan

This is where I’ll be swimming. A bit intimidating.

I found out last week that HerSuppz is going to be my sponsor for this, which is such an awesome opportunity. Having a sponsor helps defray some of the costs that go with doing a Half-Ironman. I am honored and humbled that they would consider this something worth sponsoring. A huge thank you to Mary and Brent Sheckler for all their support. I am so blessed with such a great support system. I couldn’t be more grateful. I was excited to hear that people have already marked their calendars to make the trip down to Racine to support me and the other athletes. I try to keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind when doubt creeps in. This isn’t impossible. Whatever it takes. #bstrong¬† #findyourstrength