B.Strong70.3 – This darn foot!

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footMissy and I have both had very different battles thus far in training, but none the less battles they are! Trying to hurdle these challenges have been proving difficult BUT we shall succeed! This foot of mine has and will continue to slooooow me down. I had my 3rd injection last week and it’s still not improving. So what does this mean for me? I’m not entirely sure?

Surgery is out for this “running season.” If I have surgery done I will not be able to do anything…swim, bike or run for a minimum of 4 weeks. So that will have to wait if it comes to that. My wife can attest that I’m becoming very depressed and very agitated from this injury. For those of you that know me I don’t like to be held back. I tried running last Friday at 5:30 in the morning that way no one would see my wounded deer gait. I had a customer see me and he said “you didn’t look very good.” I said “that’s an understatement!” I ran a 9:30 pace (3 miles) and my goal for this time of year was a 7 minute pace. I know that pace isn’t terrible in the realm of things BUT after swimming and biking, running may be out of the picture! BUT I will finish for those that are not able too! I’m stubborn and even without this darn foot… I will finish!

P.S- sorry for the ugly foot picture 😉