B.Strong70.3 – Sacrifices

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food prepToday was the one of the first “sacrifices” of my 70.3 Ironman Training. I reluctantly decided to take the next round of Turbokick off so I could focus on my training. I am realizing that I can’t “wing” this training, like I have for some half marathons and other events. I have to make time to get my bikes, runs, lifts and swims in. Morning is the only time I have to get it done, because I want this training to impact as little family time as possible. Although my “official” start date for my training plan doesn’t start until March 16th, I knew if I started the new round, I wouldn’t be able to not go. I know this probably sounds really silly, because I’m missing a group class, big deal. But it is a big deal to me, because I enjoy the company of our Morning RockStar Group so much. They are an incredibly motivating group of women (and a couple men), that make it easy to get up at 4:15am…ok, well not easy…but you get the picture.

My other sacrifice has been trying to cut out the junk. This week was my second week of meal prepping. It has actually been a really fun experience. My friend Deanna, who I roped into doing a sprint triathlon with me, has really taught me a lot in the kitchen. Our weekly meal prep has become something I truly look forward to, and my boys love their weekly playdates with her sons. So, sacrifice? I guess it depends on how you look at it.

As my “official” training start date gets closer, I find myself becoming mentally tougher. I know there are going to be rough days ahead, but I keep my eye on that finish line, with my guardian angels encouraging me the entire way. #B.Strong