B.Strong70.3 – Remember Why…

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As my workouts get a little longer and life gets a little busier, what keeps me going is the reason why I took on this challenge. I am so thankful to Joe Krantz for putting this idea in my head in the first place and giving me the idea that I could actually do this. He’s taken this challenge head on, with no apprehension or doubt whatsoever. It took a little while longer for me to get there. This journey reminds me a lot of the marathon I signed up for the day after a family friend, Clint Sitzmann died from Ewing’s Sarcoma. Or the 3 Day 60 Mile walk that I’ve done for the past several years-first in memory of Kris Keene, but then in honor and memory of so many people that have lost their battle to cancer or whose lives have been forever changed because of it. They, and Bryce are my motivation. They’re the ones nudging me when I just don’t feel like doing a workout.

Sunday was another one of “those” days. I have been battling a nasty cold/upper respiratory thing for the past two weeks. And while I’m proud to say I haven’t missed any training, it has been pretty tough. I’ve felt tired more days than not, I’ve lacked ambition to do much other than sleep when the day is done, but I’ve kept at it. Yesterday I was supposed to swim 1400 yards. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, I had a Boot Out Cancer Boot Camp I was running later in the day and we have a garage sale to get ready for this weekend. And on top of that Dee, one of my swimming buddies, was not going to be able to go. I had every reason in the book not to go. It’s just one workout right?

I happened to be scrolling through Facebook when I got home from church-in my mind I wasn’t going to go swimming-it wasn’t a big deal. I’ve been sick, I needed a break…etc, etc, etc….

And then I saw Jenna’s post. It had been 5 months Sunday since Jenna and Kyle lost their precious little boy. That is all it took. I grabbed my swimming bag, had a friend willing to go with, and left the house to get it done. It was honestly one of the best swims I have had yet on this journey. He was on my mind as I swam. Jenna and Kyle were on my mind as I swam. Jamie, Nikki, Sue, Tom, and so many others whose lives have been forever blessed with Bryce, but also forever changed. This is so much more than a race. I attacked my workout this morning with a more focused mindset. Whatever it takes. Because I can.