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To encourage someone to do something.

On Saturday, I experienced my first REALLY unmotivated day. Usually I enter into my workouts pretty ready to go…slight nudging needed at times, but usually pretty good. I consider myself pretty good at motivating people, whether it be with my second graders, my high school basketball players, or the people that come to my SWAT Bootcamp at SUPPZ. But sometimes, even the best motivators, need someone or something to motivate them!

I have found it very important during this journey, to surround myself with motivated people. People that aren’t going to tell me “it’s ok” to skip my workout if I don’t feel like, or it’s “ok” to have that Diet Pepsi at the Brewer game because it’s a special occasion even though I’ve committed to this bet of going pop-free for a year. Also to surround my people that are truly excited for me. There are always those people out there that can’t be happy for other people’s success or achievements. I’m not sure why that is, because I’m always excited when my friends or even acquaintances achieve something-whether it be an award, weight loss goals, buying a new house, whatever. I think it’s important to be happy for people.  So, while I have had to make a few changes and have had to reanalyze some relationships, it’s really helped me out a lot.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be surrounded by 2 people who have been really motivating to me when I need it most. I did NOT want to go swimming on Saturday. I had gone to this motivating bookcamp on Friday Night, tweaked my hamstring, struggled through a 6 mile run in the morning (that was supposed to be 8) and now all I wanted to do was lay down and take a nap. They did not allow me to make an excuse. I almost feel bad they had to listen to my whining the whole way to Platteville. But I was so happy when I finished my 1200yds. Once I got into the pool, I was ready to go. Without those two on Saturday, I’d like to hope that I would have made to to Platteville by myself to get my workout in.

My next internal struggle is my diet. How can I motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle when I don’t make it a priority?  Why am I busting my butt to get all these workouts in and then eating Combos for lunch? It’s ridiculous. When I meal-prepped with Deanna for those few weeks, it was awesome. But since we have started training, there is just no time to do that together too or we’d be cheating our families of that important family time, something I promised myself I wouldn’t do when I took this challenge on. So, I have signed up with another very motivated person (Joe’s wife) to work on this part of my journey too. I have felt really tired and sluggish the past few weeks and I’m pretty sure it’s the result of my diet. I’m not fueling my body for the training I’m doing.

So when people think they are being “lazy” when they skip a workout or don’t take the time to meal prep, I always replace the word “lazy” with unmotivated. The key to success is motivation to make that change. So I will continue to lean on those people in my life that motivate me, yet remember that is my internal motivation to succeed that is the answer!