B.Strong70.3 – And Now It’s Really REAL…

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Today marks the first official day of my 16 week 70.3 training program. I have been doing a lot of biking on the stationery bike at SUPPZ and I have attempted a few swims here and there. Went for my first decent outside run since I hurt my IT band last night and man, was that a reality check. I figure I ran a little over three miles and it felt hard. Add 10 more miles to that, plus 56 miles of biking and 1.2 miles swimming in Lake Michigan…talk about overwhelmed.

Today marks the day I have been looking forward too. In 4 months, I will hopefully accomplish something I never dreamed I could, all because of a strong little boy and his family (and some nudging from well-meaning friends). Today is the day it gets inconvenient. Planning my trainings so they have little impact on family time. Skipping workouts and classes I enjoy to get my miles in. Seems like such a little sacrifice when I think about the meaning behind this whole journey.

I was disappointed in myself this weekend. I attended the State Basketball Tournament in Green Bay with some dear friends. It’s my favorite weekend of the year. I had running shoes packed and workout clothes. I sought out a local gym and found that there was an 8am class Saturday morning that sounded fun. I packed protein bars and apples. Because I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle right?  Well, I came home with the same protein bars and apples. I never touched my running shoes except to take them out of the bag and put them with the clothes I was going to wear to this cool class that I never got up to attend. So I guess I’m not at the point I need to be at to truly prepare myself for this 70.3. No excuses. I need to do better. I have to do better. I WILL do better.