B.Strong 70.3 – Geronimo

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used to express exhilaration, especially when leaping from a great height or moving at a high speed.

Missy and the BoysI LOVE music! It motivates me, pushes me, and just makes me happy in general.  Certain songs remind me of times in my life.  Happy times, sad times, times of uncertainty, and times of triumph.  The song “Some Nights” by Fun always reminds me of MaKayla.  After she passed away, it took months before I could even listen to it again.  It wasn’t until her class sang it at Cabaret in April, that it made me smile again. They were dressed in rainbow colors and sang it with such beauty and feeling and I knew Mak was there that day.  It was interesting, because when I was marathon training, that song seemed to come up whenever I was struggling.  Like she knew.

The song that reminds me of Bryce is Geronimo, by Sheppard.  When I looked up the meaning of the word to put on this blog, it fit perfectly (not planned by the way).  There’s something about that song that just keeps you moving.  I often put it at the end of a tough SWAT Bootcamp workout and the people that come to my class agree that it’s a great way to end and leaves us with an awesome feeling.  So I found in interesting how, like MaKayla’s song, it just seems to pop up everywhere, when I need it most.  Like Bryce is telling me to just keep moving.

Missy and her running buddiesOn Wednesday, Sue Fritz made a route for Joe and I that would allow us to bike to Platteville so that we could swim after.  Deanna and Patrick were going to meet us there and then put our bikes on the back of her car and drive us home.  It was SO SO windy that day.  There were times I felt as though I was going to be blown right off my bike.  Even Daredevil Joe wasn’t flying down the hills as fast (you know it had to be windy for him to slow down!) And the hills! Oh the hills.  Anyone from Southwest WI knows how hilly Stage Rd is.  We took Stage Rd to HWY B and that took us to Platteville.  It was about a 25 mile bike ride.  With hills, I think I’ll add an extra 10…  There were two times Geronimo came on during my ride-once in the middle of probably the biggest hill we had.  I didn’t think I was going to get up it.  The song came on and it was like I had new legs.  The second time it came on was just as we were coming into Platteville.  Tired, windblown.  Hearing that song felt like Bryce was telling me “Great job! I knew you could do it.”

So Geronimo is now Bryce’s song.  Long after I’m done with this 70.3 journey, it’ll be his song.  A song that reminds me to aim high.  Go after your dreams.  The moving at a high speed part is a bit questionable.  I wouldn’t call myself fast by any means!!

Mother’s Day held a little bit different of a meaning for me this year.  I thought a lot about Jenna during the weekend.  When Shane asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, I didn’t know.  I almost felt overwhelmed about having to make some grand decision about what to do.  Because really, all I wanted to do was have the four of us together.  It didn’t matter what we did.  I didn’t need a fancy gift, flowers, or a day out doing stuff.  We ended up going to a park, making ice cream sundaes and watching movies.  It was wonderful.  Just being with my boys and enjoying every second.

Things that went well this week:

I was able to get my 11 miles in!  I know there was no way that I could have done it without Deanna and Patrick, two friends who have been beside me swimming and running since day one.

I got my long swim in after Brady’s soccer game (on the same day I ran 11).  I was exhausted, but got all 1800yds in, which is about the amount I will have to do on Race Day!

I think I secured a friend who is willing to take tons of pictures on Race Day so I’ll have some great memories to look at long after it’s done.

Things that didn’t go so well:

I found out the Platteville Pool is closing from May 16-June 6.  NOT good timing, especially since the lakes are a little cold to swim in and Deanna and I have our first open water sprint triathlon on June 7. Looking to find a place to swim for a few weeks is proving to be difficult.

I didn’t get a 45 miler in on the bike.  The one on Wednesday was pretty tough so I’d like to think it was close to equivalent? Maybe not.  I did hop on my trainer bike for a few hours, so although it wasn’t 45, I’m getting in as much as I can.  I know I’ll make up for it when summer comes and I have more time to train.

Bryce and his brotherI will leave you with a picture that pulled at my heartstrings this weekend.  It’s a picture that Jenna had posted on Facebook of Bryce with a picture of his little brother who is on the way.  A little brother he will never meet on this earth.  If you haven’t clicked on the B.Strong website link on this blog or the Hunter’s Hope link, I strongly encourage you to take a minute and read Jenna’s story.  It breaks my heart that any mom would have to go through what Jenna did, especially when prenatal testing is available (Jenna and Kyle have done a lot to get Krabbe testing to be one of the tests all mothers go through).  They are huge advocates for research.  I am hoping that through this blog and the race that it will bring awareness to this little-known, devastation disease.