Amber’s Journey – Her Story

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Ambers Journey - the startA Change, A change for me, A change for the better.

My stats:
Age : 29
Height :5’4″
Weight : ***
Clothing size : ***
Body Measurements : ***

*** My “stats” have been recorded for personal use. On the 1 year mark I will reveal the numbers from start to day 365. ***

I have been asked to blog about my fitness and weight loss journey, after a lot of thought and hesitation i have decided to take you along on this journey with a 12 month blog. In this blog you will learn of my struggles and my strengths, my victories and my faults. I am blogging this journey in hopes that i can inspire even just 1 person to want to change for the better.

My Story:
On my 29th birthday (December 1st) I decided to make this year count. This year was to be the year I change for the better, the year I do something for myself. Day after day I would hide behind baggy clothes, cry tears of embarrassment and struggle, and would dread going out in the public because people could see “my size”.

I used to love how I felt in my body but that all changed in the last 3 years when my life took a turn down a different path. This path challenged me with a medical condition that caused me to change my career. I had a labor intensive job before, constantly on my feet and on the go. That changed to a sit down desk job. My health went from prime condition to ill. An illness that burdened me with pain in my arms and legs, causing me not to want to do anything. An illness that put a lot of stress on me causing weight gain also. Medications that caused weight gain were included in my daily diet as well. Among all of this I did happen to find my true love and while dating and eventually getting married I got “comfortable” causing me to get lazy with activity and diet.

I would try to work out and get healthier on occasion with many attempts that all seemed to have the same outcome, failure. I would quit, I had no self drive, I didn’t see the results over night so i would get frustrated and would quit right away. I bought endless home workout DVD’s only to have them collect dust.

In 2014 after over a year of trying to have a baby with no success I decided to seek a doctors help. The doctor put me on yet even more medications to take on a daily basis and these too had a high side effect of weight gain. With the changes in my lifestyle and the handful of medications i take a day, I had put on over 80 pound in 3 years. And on my 29th birthday in December I snapped, I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to do something.

On December 1, 2014 I started working out at the gym. I knew though this would not last on my own. I do not have the self drive to do this, I needed someone to push me yet support me along the way. On December 3rd I met with a personal trainer named Derek. From there on out I trained with Derek twice a week lifting weights. He also had me doing cardio on my off days by myself and he guided me with nutritional advise as well.

Join me as I continue my journey