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Amber's Journey Month 9 UpdateA month I wish to forget.

Due to unexpected health issues that came up, Month 9 started out with me taking a couple weeks off. Which turned into a huge back step for me. It got me out of the healthier routine I was in, I was not as conscious as I should have been with food and I just had no motivation. When I started to feel up to par again and ready to get back on track I met with my trainer only to find out he had put his notice in and was leaving for a new job opportunity. WHAT!?! He can’t leave me! He can’t leave my goals unfinished! There is no way I can do this on my own! Who am I supposed to trust to work with me, to know every health concern I have, to know my weight, and to know how truly out of shape I am in!?! I can not start over, no way! HE CAN NOT LEAVE THE GYM!!! Well, time passed quickly and he did move on to his next job.

After lots of thought and consideration, I needed to move onto a new trainer that I thought would be a good fit. I am excited, scared, nervous, embarrassed, and so many other feelings that we all probably have when we start with a new trainer, but I need the accountability.

Initially, in this months blog I had planned to expose a secret that I had been keeping from my previous blogs and also a majority of the public. I am pregnant! A solid 3 months has passed and I’m entering the second trimester of my pregnancy. This is why I took a couple weeks off due to morning sickness as I mentioned earlier. The sickness had passed and I was feeling great. My doctor had addressed my concern regarding working out and continuing to power lift in hopes to still compete in November. She was very hopeful and all for it. She stated that, “if your body is already used to this type of workout continue on, but if your body was not used to this type of activity pre pregnancy it is not advised” That gave me great excitement to know I would not go backwards on all of my “gains” i have already made.

Sadly and with great heartache my husband and I found out at our last doctors appointment that we lost our baby.

Our once great news is now heartache with many tears and pushed back my drive to want to work out and I just don’t care to eat.

Other complications arose and I ended up in the hospital for a few days which included minor surgery. Upon discharge the doctor told me I am on an absolute NO LIFT rule for 3 weeks to a month and she stated that general walking will be a challenge for the next couple weeks due to my blood count falling alarmingly low.

This set me back to square one completely. I hope that this month of being allowed very little exercise will pass quickly and will not make me lose my drive.

So here is to starting Month 10.

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