Amber’s Journey – Month 7 Update

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Amber's Journey Month 7 Update7 months in and i am not where I thought i would be (scale wise). I actually got myself very depressed because of this. My thoughts were “is this really working?”, “is this really worth all the time and effort?” I walk by a scale numerous times a day at work just to get to my desk. It is hard to look past it and not check to see if miraculously I dropped 20 pounds over night. As the month went by I got more and more depressed, then I decided to take an updated picture to see if any change at all was noticeable. That picture told me more than what I was expecting to hear.. It said “great job, be proud of this journey, ditch the scale, and keep pushing on”. The side by side pictures were an eye opener for me and a huge reassurance that this IS working. It opened my eyes and helped me realize that i am not on a crash diet with a strict cardio routine. I am on a life changing journey to become more fit and to be stronger physically and mentally. Between the two pictures I have not lost a single pound, but my clothing and measurements are changing a lot. I feel better when doing things with my family, and I feel better when looking at my self. I need to remind myself while I strength train and build muscle, the muscle is replacing the fat and is much denser than the fat. Thank god for pictures!

When I work out I lift heavy. Because I lift heavy I have started taking a couple new supplements to help my body stay “young”. I have started taking a daily dose of fish oil and also a joint care supplement. I can already tell an improvement in how my body feels with taking these two supplements on a daily basis. These two supplements are not going to make me stronger instead they are helping repair and restore my body so I can keep moving on. If you work out, you may want to consider talking to someone about taking a joint care supplement along with a fish oil supplement. You are never to young or old to be proactive on your health.