Amber’s Journey – Month 6 Update

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I am half way through this 1 year of blogging. I have hit the 6 month mark on this journey. Some of the things I have noticed that have changed in this 6 months are that my clothes are getting smaller, my drive to want to do this is getting bigger, my mental and physical strength are getting stronger. While those are all amazing changes I did have one other change that trumped them all. While I cannot prove with hard evidence that this journey is what made this huge change happen, I know for a fact in my heart that it is.

I have dealt with a growth inside my spinal cord for the last three years. This growth/tumor has caused pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in my limbs. This growth/tumor has affected my nervous system and cause great discomfort to me. Over the course of 3 years these symptoms have not improved and if anything slowly gotten worse. The issue was/is being monitored at Mayo clinic in Rochester MN with regular visits and I was on a variety of different medications to find relief. Since starting this journey back in December of wanting to improve my health and become more fit my symptoms have decreased. In fact, when I went in for my most recent check up last month my doctor was floored when she did my exam and I told her I had taken myself off of all medications about 5 months ago. And stated that the pain is tolerable if not gone most days! When she asked what in my daily lifestyle has changed to improve this, the only thing I can even think that has changed has been that I added strength training into my daily routine. By shocking my nervous system with a strength training routine my body has forgotten all about this health issue I have. This growth/tumor will never go away and I will continue to be monitored. But knowing that I am now off of all medications and my discomfort is gone due to this issue just because I am trying to be more physically active is one of the most rewarding changes that could have happened to me.

I have a few mini goals and achievements up my sleeve that I wish to accomplish in the next 6 months. But the biggest one is I would like to drop about 50 more pounds. Continue to follow me along on this journey as these next 50 will be a hard challenge for me.