Amber’s Journey – Month 3 Update

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I am three months into this life changing journey and everything is starting to change. I have now hit the point where I enjoy working out and look forward to it every day. I still do not see much change when I look in the mirror or look at myself, except for every now and again if i stand “just right” i see some difference.  And that makes me wonder, is this really working?

amber-mo-3My weight stayed the same at 9 pounds lost total, so with that added to not seeing changes I still am not happy with what im doing. Then I decided to take some measurements to see where I stand. I could not believe it, im down OVER 10 inches! My weight may not be going down, but my body is toning up! I threw together a side by side picture with the 3 months difference and that really opened my eyes to the changes being made! I couldn’t believe it! And since seeing that, what a push. What a motivation to keep working hard and to keep pushing through. In this month i experienced some of my worst lifting sessions. My mind just was not in it. I had other issues on my mind and I brought them to the gym.

If I had to tell you one thing I have learned during this journey it is to get your head in the game before you lift/workout. If you have stuff going on at home, at work, health stuff on your mind, ANYTHING you will not be able to put in full effort. I had stuff on my mind and it won. I learned from these days though and will continue to try and better myself.

Amber’s Must Have Supplement this Month  – ISO-100 in Gourmet Chocolate