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Ambers Journey - Month 2 updateA Change, A change for me, A change for the better.

If you have not already, please read Amber’s Journey – Her Story to find out how it all began and my Month 1 update.

Month 2 update:

February 1st rolls around and I still have not mentioned to my husband or family that I am changing my life choices. Around the 5th of February I received my first compliment from an outside voice. Someone (my dad and my mom) mentioned to me while visiting that they could see a change in my face. They could tell i was slimming down. This was HUGE to me! This was the first outsider to notice. They noticed before I did even. After being told this I went home and took some pictures to compare, and after looking at the photos I can also see it. I didn’t even notice!! Now I am that much more determined to do this. The results from all of the hard work are starting to show. By February 1st I was down 9 pounds.

Although people are starting to notice I started to have a set back. I wanted to quit and bail, I’m not seeing the pounds fall off as fast as i would like. I was wholeheartedly getting discouraged. After having a little melt down and talking to Derek (my personal trainer) about what i was feeling he set me straight. He looked at my diet and realized and informed me (very sternly) that my caloric intake on a daily basis was way too low. (I hate eating, I would skip breakfast and sometimes lunch just because I didn’t enjoy it). Not going to lie, diet is my biggest struggle. After talking to him about this I have made eating more my mini goal to work towards at this moment.

My first 2 months, I have pushed myself harder than I knew was possible. I have also been pushed so hard on training days that I would puke, only to come back and finish my hour session with Derek. Puking is not the only thing i have experienced with Derek I have also flat out cried. Cried because it hurt, cried because i was tired and wanted to quit, cried just because that was all that my body could do at that moment, but did Derek let me out of my 1 hour training session.. nope. and the result… inspiration. it shown me that although I thought i had absolutely no more strength left to keep going I really could, and i did.