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Alpha-Lipoic Acid is naturally produced in our bodies, but only in small amounts and without ALA in our bodies we would not produce enough energy to survive.  It is a critical component in energy metabolism. Alpha Lipoic Acid also acts as an antioxidant with doses between 600-800mg a day. Therefore supplementing with this essential component will provide more benefit than energy metabolism alone.




Antioxidants have the potential of reducing oxidation damage in cellular tissue. Through its antioxidant effects it is able to remove both fat and water soluble toxins out of the body.   It also has the ability to regenerate Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and glutathione. Glutathione will bind to heavy metals that are typically stored in the liver, kidneys, and adipose tissue.  Glutathione allows the body to excrete those metals improving liver and kidney function for optimal health and fat loss. In addition the antioxidant benefits of ALA supplementation may also help improve blood pressure, protect against heart disease, and inhibit numerous chronic inflammatory diseases.


These benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid supplementation will be of most interest to those looking to improve their gym performance and physique. In skeletal muscle ALA increases insulin sensitivity, increases glucose uptake into muscle cells, and increases fatty acid oxidation. In the brain ALA decrease energy expenditure and suppresses appetite. These effects are best seen with the use of ALA’s cousin R-ALA.


The general recommendation is to supplement with 600-800mg  an hour prior to exercise on training days. On off days the general recommendation is to split the dose over the day and ingesting the ALA 30-60 mins prior to a meal.



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