Refreshingly Different Ways to Exercise & Eat Right in 2020

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These days surfing, streaming and Netflixing makes staying on the couch much more appealing and much harder to stay committed to your exercise and eating goals. Even fast-food joints now deliver right to your door. Don’t wait any longer! Now is the time to start looking at some different ways to exercise and eat right in 2020. Remind yourself why …

Diet 101: Healthy Ways To Prep Your Body For Summer

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With summer close by, it’s time to start thinking of the ways you can prepare your body. By now, you should be familiar with the fact that summer bodies are built way before summer. This is the prime time to start working on your diet and obtain an actual, healthy, summer body you’ll be proud of. There’s no use in …


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Fitness goals. The #1, top priority of so many New Year’s Resolution lists. However, all of a sudden we realize half of the year is behind us and we haven’t even the first step towards fulfilling our resolution. But, it’s not time to give up on your goals yet! Here are some proven ways to achieve your fitness goals by …

Nutritional Therapy for Wound Treatment: Foods that Heal

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Nutritional Therapy Treatments Found in Food When it comes to treating chronic wounds, there are numerous options available to both healthcare providers and their patients. Options ranging from negative pressure wound therapy to hydrocolloidial dressings. However, while the efficacy of these treatments is respectable, there is one simple treatment option that remains largely overlooked in wound care. Diet. It’s a …

Top 6 Sports Injuries & How to Treat Them Correctly

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Whether you’re a professional athlete or you like exercising and being in top form, injuries are bound to happen. The question now is what are you going to do when an injury happens? “No pain, no gain” has become the motto we often hear in sport and exercise, and ladies we’re no strangers to a little pain, are we? However, …


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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS…fun? One of the biggest things you learn when becoming a personal trainer, is how to properly set goals. If you set goals that are not well defined, you may oftentimes end up failing and not meeting these goals. This is bad not only for yourself but now you have someone else trusting their resolutions and goals with …


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When we allow ourselves to recover and reflect from how crazy life can get, it also helps remind us that keeping the balance in our lives is the most difficult task with the greatest reward!! Find out how…


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You’ve probably been watching the Olympics and Paralympics? You’ve probably seen some of the athletes all taped up. For instance legs, shoulders, knees, chest etc? That tape isn’t just for show or to look fancy.