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When I was young, I did what most other young people do: partied late in the night, slept in and found any excuse to continue this pattern.

But eventually I had enough of the partying and it’s a pretty different story now. I have come to realize waking up early is so much more rewarding.

Most night owls won’t get this, but in the morning you feel full of energy and you can do just about anything. You can get those tasks done that have been burdening you, and you’ll find out pretty quickly how much time is left for other stuff.

I can honestly say, I was able to implement this exact list and it has seriously changed everything for me. In fact, I’m writing this at 7 am, over a cup of hot coffee whereas, in the past I would have still been sleeping.

So how do you become a morning person?

Develop a Pleasant Morning Routine☕

Every morning I wake up at 6 am, make myself a hot cup of coffee and in my pj’s, go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes it is pretty darn cold actually but I still do it every morning. I then take a shower and I start the day with the most demanding task on my list. I have actually started looking forward to this morning routine.

My best friend wakes up at 5 am and works out. It works for her, but I have found that I exercise better in the afternoon so I developed a routine that works for me.

Find out what works for you. Develop a routine that makes you happy to jump out of bed as soon as you hear the alarm. Give yourself at least an hour before you start with work or studies, so you’ll have that time all to yourself. When you’re not in a rush, mornings are beautiful.

Do It Gradually👣

I didn’t start waking up early one day out of the blue. In fact, when I started working for, I had trouble meeting deadlines because I couldn’t start the job early enough, especially working with the people as a HR software operator.

When you’re so used to sleeping in, your body and mind strive to sleep more. I had to sort of trick myself. It is much easier when you start doing it gradually. Let’s say you want to start waking up two hours earlier. You won’t do it right away. Start by getting up earlier 15 minutes per day. You’ll go to bed 15 minutes earlier and you’ll wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Three days later add another 15 minutes. You’ll continue doing this until you reach your goal.

Turn the Lights Off🙈

If you spend a night in a bright room studying, you trick your mind. It stays active, so you have trouble falling asleep when you go to bed. Fit such activities earlier in your schedule. Before sleep, spend some time in a dark room. Dimmed lights and your TV show? That’s a great evening routine.

Come Up With A Plan📝

Here’s how one of my daily plans looks like:

  • Wake up at 6AM, do the morning routine
  • Start a blog post at 7AM
  • Attend classes by 4PM
  • Study by 6PM
  • Work on custom essay papers by 9PM
  • Watch an episode of a TV show
  • Go to bed by 11PM

This is a much different than the plan I used to have. In fact, I didn’t have a plan. I couldn’t find time for blogging or for writing. When I started waking up earlier, I realized I could achieve much more.

Get Some Fresh Air🌞

It will be difficult at first to force yourself to wake up early. Do it anyway and don’t think about it. Get up, open the window or go outside to get some fresh air. It will immediately wake you up.

Natural light and fresh air prep your mind for the day. It realizes it’s time to wake up and face the challenges.

Wake Up With Citrus🍋

Grapefruit, orange, lemon, and ginger – that’s my boost for the morning. Citrus fruits are fresh and energetic. It takes some time to prep and juice the products and it takes forever to wash the juicer. But you know what? It’s all worth it. Sometimes we need to put in the extra effort to get energy in return.

To Snooze Or Not🛌

Whoever invented the snooze button, they didn’t have your well-being in mind. What’s the purpose of snoozing, anyway? If you set the alarm to wake up at a certain time, then you should respect your decision.

As soon as you hear that sound, wake up and get active. You can do it!

…and of course, EXERCISE🤸‍♀️

When you exercise early in the morning, you’ll be doing a great thing for yourself. You’ll get the blood moving throughout your system, so you’ll feel more energized. Do it moderately. something is better than nothing. If you love to exercise, this habit will be something to look forward to. No matter how much you like sleeping in, you’ll like moving more.

Morning People Are Awesome😁

Do you think the day doesn’t have enough hours for you to achieve everything you want? Maybe it’s because you’re cutting away hours by partying or watching TV shows at night and waking up too late.

It’s time to change that.

Early rising is great for your productivity!


Kurt Walker is a London-based writer who offers help with essay writing to students. He was one of those students who always relied on a college paper writing service, thinking he didn’t have what it took. Since he started trying, he fell in love with academic writing. Now, he works as an editor for Edu Birdie and a full-time writer for, and bestdissertation.

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