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Many women feel like they can’t lose weight or burn fat because of a “slow” metabolism. There are a lot of factors that influence metabolism like your age, body composition and activity levels. But, there’s hope! You don’t have to stay where you are.

So can you really speed up your metabolism?

Actually… yes.

Here is the science…

Traditionally people think of their metabolism in terms of fast or slow. However, calories represent the heat needed to turn fuel into energy. So really, we should think of metabolism as hot and cold. When it’s cranked up, it’s the furnace that fuels muscle growth and burns fat. When it’s “cold” you’ll have a harder time burning fat and turning those calories into fuel.

So how do you get your metabolism to burn hotter?


This one is obvious, but essential. Drinking at least a gallon a day is going to help you body work more efficiently and promote metabolic health.


High-intensity exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories. If you’re not active at all, even just walking can help. Even though you can never outwork a bad diet, cardiovascular training will improve your overall fitness and rev up your metabolism. Throw in some HIIT training or a fun circuit to get your heart-rate up.


Lean muscle mass is the engine that fuels fat burning. So how do you get more muscle?  Lift heavier and more often. Compound movements like barbell squats and deadlifts will get you the most bang for your buck. Many women express a desire to be more “lean” and “toned” but building muscle is the only way to achieve that look. Even if you decrease body fat, if you have no muscle, you won’t get those nice sculpted arms or shapely glutes we all want.


Which brings me to my next point – you can’t build muscle if you’re not getting enough fuel. Going back to the fire analogy, you have to put wood on it to make it burn. Yes, a fire with tiny twig will simmer, but you won’t get much traction unless you give it more to burn. So don’t be afraid to slowly up your calories.

Plus, if you’re training hard, you’ll need the extra food to fuel your workouts.


Eating more doesn’t just mean eat whatever. To build muscle and fuel your body properly, you’ll need lots of lean protein (like chicken and fish), tons of veggies (the more colorful the better), and clean carbs (like oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice). Make sure you’re getting enough protein and have a good balance of carbs and fat. This is different for everyone based on your genetics and your training goals in the gym. It can take some experimenting to find out what works for you. If you don’t know where to start, there are tons of nutrition coaches that will help you learn how to fuel your body the right way.


Pre-workout, Amino Energy (my fav) or just plain ol’ coffee are awesome for revving up your metabolism. That extra kick will not only help your energy systems work more efficiently to burn fat, but it’ll also give you a boost in the gym. Other fat burning supplements can improve your focus and mental energy throughout your day.


When you don’t sleep, you body is stressed. Stress is one of the biggest things that can mess with your metabolism and hormones. Changes in hormones, like cortisol, can actually make your body hold onto fat. Giving your body enough rest will help your metabolic system reset and work properly. Natural sleep aid supplements can also help your recovery process.

Felicia Williams

Felicia is a fiery fit mom and elite nationally-qualified USAPL powerlifter from Nashville.  As a busy working mom, she balances the demands of work and parenting a toddler while perusing her fitness goals.

Felicia started strength training in 2012 and after having a baby in 2014, she’s lost over 15lbs and gotten over 200lbs stronger. Now she is a national level powerlifter in the 52kg weight class.

As a 4’10” 114lb woman, she wants to show that strong women come in all shapes and sizes. In her transformation from average gym goer to competitive athlete, she loves to share what she’s learned about strength training, nutrition and work-life balance with other women trying to be the best version of themselves.

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