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Mother’s Day…Birthday… for any day here are some great ideas for every Mom on the move!

Choosing a gift for a mom isn’t difficult as long as you consider her hobbies, passions, and personality. If you’re picking out a gift for a mom who loves adventure you’re spoiled for choices—and so is she!

Just think about the types of adventures she enjoys. Consider her favorite activities like whether she loves exploring the local mountain ranges or hopping on a plane to take off for parts unknown. You can shop for handy items that will improve the way she travels whether it’s via plane, train, or automobile, or you can encourage her go-go-go lifestyle with gifts that pump up her energy and help to motivate her.

Take a peek at a few of our top gift choices for mothers who get a thrill from new experiences!

A Protein Punch to Get Through the Day

Adventurous moms need energy to spare. It takes plenty of energy to take care of the kiddos, then to go off exploring or experiencing something new. Mom will be thrilled by the gift of boundless energy. Present her with a bottle ofMuscle Pharm Combat which is more than just a protein supplement. It has a time-release formula meaning that mom will get several boosts of protein throughout the day. It will give her a leg up whether she’s doing the school run and a load of errands, skiing in Aspen or sweating it up at the gym.

Comfort for the Intrepid Traveler

If it’s not uncommon for your mom to end up on a plane in her quest for new experiences, why not buy her a gift that will help her to start her travels on the right foot? Whether she’s on a two-hour puddle jump or a lengthy 12-hour flight, give her a present that will make every plane ride as comfortable as her bed at home. Nowadays there are neck pillows for every kind of travel and individual need. From cooling travel pillows to inflatable neck rounds, find a durable pick that offers your mama full support. Many neck pillows on the market today even let Mom adjust the fit to her specifications, not to mention that many come with their own handy travel bag that can also hold her boarding pass, earbuds, and ID.

Some Pep in Her Step

Aromatherapy is on-trend at the moment, but essential oils are helpful in various other areas of health as well. To further ensure that mom has plenty of energy, get her thePut Some Pep in Your Step essential oils kit. At home, she can use the oils in a diffuser to prep herself for her next adventure. Once she’s actively involved in a new experience, she can dab a bit of safely diluted oil on her skin, such as behind her elbows and knees, to renew her pep. While you’re at it, you could even get an oil kit made of relaxing blends to help her get back on keel when she arrives home.

Stylish Sun Safety

A mom who loves adventure spends a lot of time outside. Sometimes she hunts dinosaurs in the park with her kids, and at other times, she explores new trails in her favorite forests. Pick out a fabulous hat for her to wear no matter what she’s doing. Don’t make it just any hat — choose a UPF 50+ hat that will protect her from the sun. Something stylish like a Gossamer Wide Brim Hat will keep mom safe (and looking forever young!) while she galivants outdoors.

Leggings for Any Activity

An active mom needs comfortable clothing that allows her to move where and how she wants. She can’t be tied down by impractical, uncomfortable clothes. Anything that impedes her movements is bad news. A pair of super cozy leggings, on the other hand, ensures breathability and freedom of motion. Moms who are always on-the-go will appreciate anti-wicking material. Many athletic leggings are also fast-drying, so no matter how much she sweats, they won’t affect what she does. She can wear them to the gym, when she’s out on a run, or when she’s heading out in the kayak to spend the day in the middle of the lake. Who said leggings can’t do it all?

And a Jacket to Match

If you’re going to give mom a fantastic pair of leggings that will help her to push through any activity, then you might as well get her a jacket to go with them. Something as simple and stylish as an athletic jacket can help mom kick butt throughout the day. Mesh detailing down the arms and along the back will help mom maintain maximum comfort at all times while cute thumb holes give the look a bit of edge. Athletic jackets work great as a do-all jacket: an ideal windbreaker, a perfect lightweight jacket, and it’s just right for layering — what more could a mom want? You can bet that the jacket will always have a place in mom’s suitcase.

The Gift of GPS

Sure, mom probably takes her phone on adventures with her, but that’s not always practical and anything can go wrong (we’ve all been through the tragedy of a cracked screen). To make sure she never gets lost, give her a cutting-edge GPS smartwatch like the Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch. In addition to handy touch pay features, she can download numerous apps onto the watch and use any of the preloaded GPS apps. The watch is a great activity and fitness tracker, as well, allowing her to monitor her heart rate, her steps walked per day, and even her sleep schedule! And because it lasts for 7 days when it functions as a smartwatch and 13 hours in GPS mode, it’s an irresistible option for active and adventurous mothers!

Let her know that you love her adventurous spirit by giving her a gift that helps her to enjoy even more experiences. From travel pillows to breathable leggings, you have plenty of options at your fingertips. What are you going to give the thrill-seeking mom in your life?

Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry, collaborating with industry insiders and designers, getting insight on the latest trends.
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