6 Ways to Improve Your Body Connection

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Our mind and body are interconnected; to become genuinely grounded, connect with our higher selves, and anchor our minds into the present moment, we must first realize that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Aiming for a balanced life is what makes us complete. Finding the sacred masculine and feminine connected within you is what awakens you. Living your life to the fullest is what makes you smile every day. So, the question is, are you connected to your body? And if that is not the case, what can you do to change this?

Make Relaxation a Mandatory Practice

You don’t have to allow more than 20 minutes per day to relaxation; however, you must incorporate this practice into your daily routine. If we don’t take enough time for ourselves, who will? If we don’t enjoy our lives to the fullest, who will? Making time for your soul is the perfect recipe for a lifelong full of love and inner peace.

“Falling in love with myself is the best love I’ve ever experienced,” shares Adeline Cowdrey in an interview with AssignmentGeek. “I only had to take action. Once I did, I started to understand my emotions and confront my fears. Before I knew it, I was happy again,” ends Cowdrey.

Meditate and Practice Yoga

One of the practical ways in which you can change your life for the better is meditating or performing yoga. Studies have shown that meditation can clear your thinking, release and reduce stress, improve focus, increase memory, lengthen attention span, and enhance self-awareness.

Yoga is another form of medication-free therapy. It can prevent disease and even serve as a prevention for stress or anxiety. Besides improving your flexibility and helping your body loosen up, Yoga also –

  • Builds strength into your muscles and can relieve pains and aches
  • Perfects your posture; a poor posture can cause severe damage to your body in time
  • Prevents joint and cartilage breakdowns (can prevent arthritis!)
  • Boosts your bone health and overall moods
  • Increases the blood flow and improves your circulation, which makes you think better and faster
  • Enhances immunity by draining of lymph
  • Drives up your heart rate and decreases or prevents depression and anxiety
  • Makes you happier!

Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin found that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in meditators, a finding that has been correlated with higher levels of happiness and better immune function, writes the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Perform an Exhaustive Self-Analysis

Another excellent method to connect with your body is performing an exhaustive analysis of your own self. Many times, we are too concerned judging other people’s actions and spoken thoughts, when instead, the smarter thing to do would be looking within. Below you can find some self-analysis questions that might change the way you live your life –

  • What describes myself and why? Choose ten words that define who you are and think of the reasons behind your choices.
  • How am I feeling at the present moment? Why?
  • Do I find myself in a critical/stressful situation? If so, who caused it? If it’s myself, how can I improve for the future and learn from my mistakes?
  • Do I think negatively and if so, why? What could I do to start thinking positively?
  • Have I ever experienced a mental block and if so, when? In what circumstances? What triggered it?

Answering these questions will not only reveal new self-concepts, but it will also provide an insightful understanding of your own thoughts, emotions, and actions, which is the beginning of becoming truly balanced.

Adopt New Habits

Healthy habits will keep your body pumped and your mind active – that’s why creating new routines can get you out of a defocused, confused mentality. You could start by applying new strategies at your workplace, such as increasing your attention span, monitoring your work, or keeping yourself accountable.

Adopting new habits does not necessarily mean changing your whole diet, which is what people usually imagine when we touch on this subject. Take baby steps, start with small improvements!

Journal Often

Journaling is another form of improving your mind-body connection, so stop missing out on what it could bring into your life. The only way to understand how your past, present, and future correlate is clearing your mind and observing everything objectively. The only way in which you can do that is writing down your thoughts.

Spend Time in Nature

If you are not already an arduous fan of this activity, spending time in nature should be next on your list. According to studies conducted at the University of East Anglia, spending time in nature reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, preterm birth, stress, and high blood pressure.

When your stress levels lower, your immunity increases, and your life starts changing. Enjoy a forest-bath every week if you are able to. The connection you’ll feel will be unique.

Wrapping Up

Improving inner connectivity takes time, patience, and effort, but in the end, it brings only benefits. Consider the above techniques to start working on yourself today. Keep your head up, your mind sharp, and your heart always fulfilled!

Alexandra Reay has been working as a journalist and editor in one of the finest Melbourne publishing agencies for 3 years. She is also a professional content writer who prefers to do research on the following topics – self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development ets. Feel free to contact her at Twitter.

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