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By Jessica Allion

Holiday eating can be quite tricky to reel in.  The temptations seem endless but despite differences in ability, desire, and commitment, there are a number of guidelines that remain the same.

Following some simple dietary guidelines can help keep off the unwanted weight gain that is often associated with this time of year.


Simple Holiday Eating Tips Just for YOU


1. Eat three to five meals a day and try not to skip any meals.

This will help with satiety, cravings, and appetite control.  Really focus on your hunger meter.  Only eat until satisfied and not until you are “stuffed”.



2. Balance, balance and more balance.

Every meal should consist of an animal based protein, complex carbohydrate(starch), healthy fats, and vegetable.


3. Try to drink more water.

Holiday favorites like warm apple cider, eggnog, or any alcoholic beverage is going to contain a large amount of calories. These extra calories can quickly add inches to your waistline so it is in your best interest to stick with water.  If you end up giving into the temptation of higher calorie drinks add a glass of water in between.



4. Drink a glass of water before you eat.

This will help to stretch your stomach and stop the hormonal release of ghrelin which gives you the sensation of being hungry.

5. Wear tight clothing.

If you wear tight clothing it will be uncomfortable to over eat and it will be easier to control portion sizes.



6. Chew slowly and savor your food.

This habit will help you feel satisfied and prevent you from overindulging.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!



I reached 200 pounds after having my children and several things have led me down my path of wanting to be healthier and better for myself and for my family; countless fitness dvds, a gym membership, leading a weight management class at my church and a personal trainer telling me I had good symmetry.

My husband and I have competed in several competitions from 2012 from 2015.  Every competition brought more information on how to be better and stronger both mentally and physically.

I have learned many things on my fitness journey, but the one thing that I hear over and over no matter what size they are, is the self-talk that many women tell themselves regarding the way they see themselves. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have the tools and wisdom of the people around me to help women of all shapes and dynamics to help them on their journey.

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