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Prepping for Success

By Mary Sheckler


noun prep·a·ra·tion \ˌpre-pə-ˈrā-shən\

Simple Definition of preparation
: the activity or process of making something ready or of becoming ready for something

preparations: things that are done to make something ready or to become ready for something

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary


1. Set a Goal (with a time frame)

My goal is to find (and define) my abs to see a six-pack by my 36th birthday. **EEEEK!… Only two more weeks!**

I say “with a time frame” so you act on a sense of urgency and don’t put the goal off. A time frame ensures you stay on track. Set a big goal, but don’t set yourself up for failure. Make it attainable – the goal and the time frame to achieve it. Rome wasn’t built in a day…

2. Understand the Obstacles (but don’t use them as excuses)

Keep your obstacles in check and don’t use them as excuses. Time seems to be everyone’s excuse ….but remember we all have the same amount of time; it’s just how we utilize it.

First off, I don’t like to show my stomach to anyone. Nor, have I ever seen my abs– not even sure if they are there. I have had three children so my stomach has been stretched…a lot. I am not going to use my pregnancy picture as an excuse. It actually motivates me to know that my body could do something as amazing as creating three little humans. My current goal is minuscule compared to that!

3. Create a Vision with a Plan (and stick to it)

Fail-proof this step by creating a plan on achieving your goal. You need a specific plan with room for progress and changes. Without a plan, there are too many chances of compromising and losing the ability to achieve your goal.

Diet Plan – eat for abs. This isn’t my area of expertise so I enlisted a Diet Coach to help me. Together, we change this up weekly for the most part. Towards the end, it may become daily. He knows the tips and tricks to make my goal happen. My plan is created specifically for me. And, everyone is different…. so my plan may not work for you.

When I started this journey I knew I needed to eat fewer calories but also make sure I am eating enough calories to keep my energy level up to train hard. Seems counteractive, but in truth, it became the foundation of my diet. You must eat fewer calories than your body is accustom to in order to drop body fat. Crazy thing is that I feel like I am eating more than I ever have!

Sticking to a diet plan is hard….. I mean…. REALLY hard. You may want to invest in a meal management cooler, like the FitMark Bag, as I did. This will make it more convenient. To keep your body fat percentage low, you will need to stick to your diet plan almost all of the time.

No thawing, no grilling, no hassle! This chicken is so moist and tender. Amazingly easy and tastes great!

4. Prep for Your Goals (and don’t compromise)

Food prep is a seriously crucial part of succeeding in this journey. If you aren’t prepared, you will eat what you can find which leads to unhealthy choices. It is so serious, I had to buy a food scale for the first time! I feel like I am constantly weighing chicken, greens, rice, fruits, and oatmeal.

Food prepping may also be the reason so many people fail to reach their fitness goals. It’s time-consuming and you have to plan ahead – which isn’t how I live my life. So the prepping part of the journey is the hardest part for me, but it’s so important. It may be time-consuming at first but it gets easier. In the past I “wasted” a lot of time in the kitchen making meals without a plan; this planning thing is paying off with more time with my family and less time in the kitchen on a daily basis. Everything is ready to go. No other options. No compromising your goal.

5. Work with your Goal in Mind (don’t counteract)

Visible abs are associated with low body fat. Since my goal is to get shredded abs, I need to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. I worked with my diet coach and my trainer to figure out how much weight I needed to lose to achieve this. The more muscle I have, the more fat I burn.

Lifting weights speeds up your metabolism which results in more effective fat loss.  So don’t think about skipping lifting sessions. I typically lift twice a week but while trying to achieve this goal, I have added another lift day into my schedule. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.

Hit the weights but don’t forget the cardio. The combination of both will help reduce overall body fat. I also implemented “fasted cardio” this week with shorter interval training sessions. Fasted cardio is the bomb! Not everyone believes in this, but I believe it is helping shred the fat over my abs. I try to do 3 sessions of 30-45 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. I sip Amino Energy while I do fasted cardio to help prevent muscle breakdown. The caffeine in it also helps burn more fat.

6. Prepare for Loss of a Social Life (outside of the gym)

Nobody can prepare for this…the lack of social life. I have tried to avoid get-together’s that are based around food and drinks. I actually haven’t had a drop of alcohol since I started this journey. But, when I do attend, I am the one farthest away from the food with my FitMark Bag and Suppz.com shaker cup sipping on my own cocktail of amino. I avoid lunch dates entirely as well. I feel like a bad friend sometimes but my friends are the best and understand my goals right now.

No time for eating out. No time for drinks. No time for socializing. Your time is spent in the gym…and the kitchen…and in the grocery store!

Achieving any goal takes a lot of commitment and hard work. This is no different. Here’s your stairway…prepare for success!


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