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Fearless Progress
Blog #6

You can’t have progress without pain and I can handle the pain of muscle soreness.


I feel like I can’t escape the pressure I have put on myself. When I feel the pressure or am really stressed, I will break out like a teenager.

Yeah, that happened last week.

I had my serious doubts over this journey last week. I am putting in all this work and I am not really seeing the changes. I have never really had the best self-confidence about my body. I think that knowing people wanted to see my progress and knowing I needed to share pictures, it just put a whole new level of pressure on me.

The pressure is still there, but my mindset changed over the weekend. I got some nice comments from friends & family saying they can tell a difference. I didn’t ask for feedback but they could tell. So, I decided to take another look at my secret unprofessional progress pictures I have been taking of myself. If you look at my last 5 weeks, you may not see much difference. But, I actually do. I couldn’t see it weekly, but when I put them together…the changes are happening. Slowly, but they are happening.

From the start of this journey, I didn’t want anyone to feel that being healthy and strong wasn’t enough. I am definitely not trying to say that. While having less body fat & visible abs is associated with being healthier, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are any healthier than someone with shredded abs. Many people have a really strong core under a layer of fat.

I know I have a strong core and I am still trying to remove that layer of fat. And, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just say I am going to lose the fat layer on my abs.

Unfortunately, we all know we can’t spot train. I can spot develop my abs with more weighted ab exercises, but I can’t change how my body decides to remove the fat. So if I want to have any chance of seeing these abs, I need to keep eating clean and lifting weights and losing body fat.

I didn’t lose any weight this week.

Since muscle is more dense than fat, the scale can be a liar. Don’t let the scale deter your progress. Maintaining and adding muscle is far better for my metabolism, health and giving me any chance of finding my abs. So we added an extra day of lifting to my workouts this week.

When you decide to start a journey like this or even a new yoga pose, for example. Take progress pictures! You don’t have to show them to the world. Although they may not be as far as you had hoped to be in your journey, they will motivate you to keep going. Don’t dwell at how far you have to go, but rather how far you have come since beginning.

One of my favorite quotes is…

What if you are on the verge of a new level of success but you are too worried about failing? What would you attempt to do if you knew you could NOT fail?

Be FEARLESS in your journey.

PRE-WORKOUT MEAL – 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 scoop Dymatize ISO-100 and 1 TBSP almond butter, 100 grams berries, 4 ALC/CLA, 1 Prime Nutrition’s Yohimbine, 1 serving high quality fish oil
WORKOUT – Sip aminos throughout
POST-WORKOUT MEAL – 1/2 cup(uncooked) white rice + 3 oz chicken
MEAL 1– 1egg, 4 egg whites or Oh Yeah! ONE Bar, 1/2 cup (uncooked) white rice & coffee and 1TBSP Onnit MCT oil
MEAL 2– One scoop Purus Labs Myofeed, 4 ALC/CLA, 1 Prime Nutrition’s Yohimbine, another serving fat burner if needed for energy.
MEAL 3 – (supper with family) 4oz chicken or turkey (use spices and baking this week to keepkids happy and eating this), 1 cup green veggies
MEAL 4 – 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 serving, daily multi-vitamin + 1 serving fish oil
*30 min after last meal take 1 serving

DRINKS – Coffee, Water, Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy, Metabolic Nutrition’s Tri-Pep
throughout day
SNACKS – Can eat as many green veggies as
wanted for hunger

DIET RECAP: Week two of this diet. I am LOVING the option of Oh Yeah! ONE Bars for breakfast. One thing I realized is eating clean got easier when I started telling myself I don’t want that instead of I can’t have that. Donuts are a great example. I don’t like them, I used to, but I haven’t had one in years. They make me feel gross after I eat them. Yes, they look pretty but I think to myself, I don’t want that. Sounds simple, right?! Variety Pack - HerSUPPZ

Sunday – 4 mile run
Monday – 30 Minutes Cardio
Tuesday  LIFT – Upper Body Workout 
Wednesday LIFT – Full Body Workout 20 minutes Cardio
Thursday – INSTRUCTED  ON THE BALL CLASS #5 & 3 mile run
FridayLIFT – Lower Body Workout 
Saturday – INSTRUCTED – ON THE BALL CLASS #5 & 2 mile run

WORKOUT RECAP: I made sure to get my workouts in this week. Actually, I had ZERO rest days this week and it felt good. My trainer & diet coach decided it was time to add more cardio. I starting doing fasting cardio which is cardio right when I wake up & before I start my meals. So, basically on an empty stomach…which I actually prefer anyways. We also added another lift day in to my weekly plan.

WEEk 4 RESULTS – This was my second week on this diet change up. I did not lose weight this week, so I am still down a total of 9 pounds. I started this challenge being told I would need to lose about 15 pounds to see my six pack or in more professional terms, my rectus abdominis.
I would need to lose this weight while adding muscle, and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat. I still feel like I made progress.



Mary’s ON THE BALL Class & LIFT CIRCUIT coming soon!


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