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By Mary Sheckler

This is the first of a series of blogs that will take us on Mary’s journey to achieving her goal of getting 6-pack abs.   From her training to her nutrition find out exactly what it takes to get those chiseled abs!

In two short months I will be turning 36, which in my mind is like almost 40!?!



You know what’s even crazier??? I have decided to see if I can get 6-pack abs in those two months.





My goal isn’t about being superficial and trying to get model-like abs, but rather making a commitment to achieve something I haven’t.

A commitment to training harder and eating stricter. A commitment to achieve a goal I have never really attempted. I am hoping it will make my move towards 40 easier.

Honestly, I never really thought a 6-pack would look good on me…or maybe I just didn’t want to put in the sacrifices needed to getting abs. Who knows if I even have a 6-pack under there anyways?  I have never seen it and four pregnancies later, not sure if it will…but I will try my hardest to find it!



During this challenge, my hope is that I can show you how important a diet is to getting desired results. But, I also want to remind everyone not to lose sight of what’s important which is exercising regularly and eating healthy.


I don’t think having model type abs is the norm and I have never lived up to the pictures of fitness models ever in my life. Being in this industry, sometimes I feel like I am not good enough. But, then I remember everything I have overcome in my fitness journey to get me to where I am.



I will be blogging about the gains and pains during this journey and try to be as brutally honest as I can in the process to achieve this. I will also decide if this is a lifestyle change I am willing to make.

You have heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen, well… 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym. I am going to try and prove that it’s true.


#FindYourStrength and Be Committed

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