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Whether in a group or individually, participating in sports has many benefits. Whether it is for the individual or for the generality, the participants need the perfect shoe. Many hidden myths however surround the athletic shoe. Let’s explore, shall we?

🛑Myth One: Buy The Best on the Market

“What’s the best running/crossfit/athletic shoe in the market this year?” We can’t blame you for asking, but making a choice on someone else’s opinion of the best running shoe is not the best idea. It is a myth that there is an ultimate Best Shoe on the Market.

It is like Joan saying, “Even though we’ve got different topics for our assignment writing , mine is still the best.” Every reasonable person who understands principles of diversity recognizes that assertion is wrong. 

✅The Truth About The Best

The hope is that designers craft running shoes for diverse sorts of strides, people’s individual feet, and modes of running. This diversity of interests makes pointing out the best is pretty much near impossible. What may be comfortable for me may not be for you.

The most important point you should concern yourself with is whether a particular pair of shoes would be suitable for your purposes. Once you take this approach you’ll then have the ‘best’ of running for you.

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🛑Myth 2: Name Brands are Better

Every shoe company possesses their own exceptional products. Know exactly what you are looking for and don’t compromise just because you want that swoosh on the side of your shoe. Comfort and safety should be your concern and you can find some pretty sweet looking kicks that offer both comfort as well style.

✅The Truth About Name Brands

If a Nike shoe suits your foot curve, toe length, and arch height, a different lesser known brand with the same features could most likely be just as good. And of course, most companies alter designs over time. Due to changes in body composition, or personal preference, what you preferred the previous year may not be so any longer.

🛑Myth 3: The Expert Sales Associate

Pressure from a store sales associate can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Whether the associate is working on commision or just tries really hard to make “Employee of the Month” sometimes a salesperson does not have your best interest in mind.

✅The Trustworthy Sales Associate

The truth of the matter is that your sales person or so-called expert does not know how you feel when you wear those running shoes. Try on the shoes and take the time feel them out really good. If you can get on a hard surface and move as you plan to when wearing your shoes it is ideal. Most shoe stores have carpeting but that is not going to really tell you if they are going to feel as good on concrete or any other hard surfaces.

We do not lump all sales associates together. There are some sales people that really know their stuff. A good sales person will not pressure you into buying a shoe that does not fit your needs.

🛑Myth 4: Replace Your Shoes Every X Amount of Days

When talking about avid runners, another myth is to replace their shoes every six (6) months.

✅The Truth About When to Replace

The better approach is to replace your shoes when your body tells you. Is your back starting to get sore? Do your legs feel stiff and achy? Or, your feet feeling more tender? This is another indication besides the obvious of inspecting your shoes from time to time for tears, rips or the inner sole losing its thickness. If your feet are sliding around inside your shoe that is another sign it may be time to retire those kicks.

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🛑Myth 5: You Must Be Loyal to a Brand

No, you don’t. It may be hard to move out of your Brand Box but change may be just what you need to have a better run/workout/whatever you do. We understand the goosebumps you may get when your Brand comes out with something new but your body changes and your shoes should too.

✅The Truth About Loyalty

This feeling of loyalty is unsolicited. As a runner you don’t need to be loyal to any brand at all. Whichever brand you wrap your heart around is not necessarily the best. Be loyal to yourself and your run.

“Be loyal to yourself and your run.”

🛑Myth 6: Shoes Predict Your Speed

The better the shoe the faster you can run, higher you can jump, more you can lift and so on. While this might be true to an extent, a shoe is not going to make you go faster in and of itself.

✅The Truth About Speed

The reality is that how speedy you are rests on many other factors. Your body weight, your strength and durability, your present energy level, your alertness and many other factors come into play. Trying to link the speed you attain in the lane as a runner with the brand of running shoes you put on is kind of silly.


If you have ever worn a “bad” shoe you know how it can affect your whole body. The importance of a well fitted shoe that fits your athletic needs and day-to-day living is a matter of well-being.
There are many tools you can make use of and read more about if you desire to know more about running shoes and their uses.

Article inspired by Alexandra Reay has been working as a journalist and editor in one of the finest Melbourne publishing agencies for 3 years. She is also a professional content writer who prefers to do research on the following topics – self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development ets. Feel free to contact her at Twitter.

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