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When picking out workout clothes to go to the gym it’s important to buy good quality material.  You want it cost effective, but also hold out through strenuous lifts or a good session of cardio.

Investing in gym clothes can add up quickly between good shoes to run or lift in, leggings that are “squat proof” or a tank that will hold its seams for more than a few washes.




5 Top Tips on  Buying Workout Clothes


  1. It’s okay to have more than one pair of  shoes. Different lifts or workout sessions require different shoes to meet the needs of your body and posture. For example, when deadlifting, your shoes should be flat and supportive so that your body keeps proper alignment, balance, and form when performing the lift. A close kinetic chain that could be created through the sole of the shoe improves technique and performance.  For running shoes, lightweight and comfortable soles that allow for compression.


  1. Have Breathable clothes. Have clothes that allow you to move around with full range of motion, and can keep you cool. For example, when I wear a cotton shirt to the gym I feel more constricted and the material tends to stick to me more compared to when I wear a tank or a thinner shirt I’m not as restricted.


  1. Spoil yourself. Set goals and when you reach those goals reward yourself with a new workout shirt or a new pair of leggings that you wouldn’t typically spend the money on. Personally, when I purchase a new gym shirt or leggings it helps to motivate myself and push myself towards my next goal.


  1. Spending money on good workout clothes. Buying clothes to workout in can add up quickly. Having good, durable workout clothes means you can get a longer wear out of them, they aren’t too thin or have less problems with sheerness. When I buy a cheap pair of leggings I find that they tear easier, have loose strings, and can even be see through.


  1. Buy workout clothes for the type of workout you’ll be performing. Such as not buying thick compression leggings to go to a yoga class where it’s more about stretching and flexibility. Save your thicker compression leggings for leg day.


Since starting my workout journey my closet has expanded majorly, and my wallet isn’t always happy about that. But when I feel like I am dressed in quality clothes that will hold up through my workouts, I feel good about the work I put in. Look good, feel good, train good, right?




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Libby is currently attending nursing school and is a college athlete participating in the Cheerleading squad. After putting on her “freshman fifteen” Libby knew she was in need of a change.

Like many women, she was scared of the free weight section of the gym but fought her fear and started incorporating lifting into her exercise regimen. In no time she could see and feel the results. Through lifting she has found more confidence than she ever knew she had and she now loves herself.



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