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Your wedding day has finally come…

The day that you have been dreaming of. The day that you and your Prince Charming are finally married. You’ve had your Sara Burton wedding gown with lace appliques picked out by age 10, and the bridesmaids dresses were designed in your mind by 12.

Your cake would be 5 layers of a decadent vanilla sponge with a wonderful raspberry filling and buttercream icing…


…you just realized your wedding day is less than 4 months away and the thought of trying to find a “perfect dress” among the miles of white tulle to choose from sends shivers down your spine and forces you to crawl in the fetal position.




Whether you have been dreaming of your wedding day bliss since you played the lead as Cinderella, or you have waited until the last minute because that is how you roll. HerSUPPZ has several products and ideas that you can take advantage of to make the journey and your special day as magical as it can be!




Of course you want your skin to be flawless on a daily basis, but on your wedding day of all days you especially want to feel confident with all those close-ups! NOW Coconut Oil works better than your average commercial brand moisturizer because most list water as their main ingredient.  So as soon as the water dries, your skin becomes dry again.  Also, many commercial brand moisturizers contain petroleum-based ingredients that actually suffocate the skin.  Whereas, coconut oil provides deep and real moisture that lasts and soaks in your skin fast so your complexion glows without a greasy feeling.


Looking for more ways to use coconut oil check this out!



Don’t forget to use it as a gentle eye makeup remover at the end of the day too! Your skin will feel renewed and hydrated after the long day.



The last thing you want under your beautiful vail is lifeless flat hair. Guess what?  Coconut oil will be your hair’s  BFF! Coconut Oil is wonderful as a deep conditioner.  Of course, you will want to do this a couple days before your wedding to get the amount perfected but it will definitely be worth the pre planning!

Along with your luscious locks and glowing skin your nails and hands will get noticed also!  Your guests will want to see that beautiful bling and to show it off rub some coconut oil on your hands to present the perfect backdrop!  Don’t forget to focus on your cuticles.  A healthy cuticle makes for healthy nails!



We are talking like the Energizer Bunny kind of energy!

If you are able to get some sleep the night before your wedding consider yourself  fortunate. Your mind will be going a mile a minute as you lay in bed thinking about who goes where and what time we need to be there.

To get a good night’s sleep or at least the best rest possible, we have a couple suggestions:

Don’t have a sleepover

Although you may think it would be fun to have all your gal pals over for an epic sleepover the night before you get hitched, this is actually the worst idea ever.  When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep at a sleepover? If you remember, sleepovers meant staying up late playing games, or chatting about who’s with who and for the over-21 …alcohol.  Their will be plenty of time for all that.

Right now, sleep My Pretty.

Get a good…no a GREAT workout on the day of your wedding…if you can

Definitely go get yo’ sweat on the day of! Unfortunately, chances are you won’t have time, so at least get it done the day before.  You will feel renewed, refreshed and nothing feels better than endorphins. And, those are exactly what you will need for all day energy.

Follow our very own Brand Ambassador Desiree Marty #SweatingToTheWedding workouts to get you ready!!


For energy without the jitters try Slim Angel by Gym Angel.








Baring your beautiful shoulders and arms is the latest trend for the perfect wedding gown so the minute you say, “I do” you will want to add to your upper body workouts and cardio!  HerSUPPZ has plenty to choose from.




A much safer alternative to tanning beds and a lot cheaper.  Nothing shows off those beautiful shoulders than a fresh Sunny Day glow from Pro Tan.



Multivitamins are a great addition to everyone’s lifestyle.  For the Bride-to-be it is even more important especially if you are planning on adding to your family in the future.  NOW EVE Women’s Multi VItamin will fill the gap that you may not be getting in your daily diet.




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