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Many of us find that the most difficult part of exercising isn’t the press-ups, the cycling or the squats, but it’s finding the motivation to get started. Our brains are fantastic at coming up with excuses, I’m too tired, the gym is too expensive, or I haven’t got time. Trust us, you’re not the only one who feels that way! Don’t worry though, you’ll get to wear those new gym pants because science has found the way to make us love the gym and get motivated for good.

Treat yourself after the gym

Motivation can be a fickle friend, one week you’ll be raring to go and the next – well, let’s just say that pjs and a bowl of popcorn sounds way more appealing!

“The first trick is to give yourself a real goal.  It’s no good thinking ‘to get fit’ or ‘be healthy’ as it’s not specific enough. You need quantifiable treats which are going to make you happy after every workout,”

-Isaac Hansen, blogger and writer for Last Minute Writing and Researchopapersuk.

This can be something like treating yourself to an episode of your favorite show afterwards or getting to post a post-gym selfie that will get lots of likes. Whatever it is make sure that you have a reward in mind for each time you go to the gym. Knowing you’ve got something to look forward to after will help to motivate you to get it done. Not only that but things that make you happy release endorphins, so make it a habit and soon you’ll be making the association that the gym makes you happy.

Make a commitment

Commitment is the next thing; a long gym membership works out cheaper than a short one. Get it and remind yourself every time you think of skipping that you’ll be losing your hard-earned money by doing so.

The next part is to buddy up. This helps on multiple levels. Knowing your friend is there waiting for you to go to the gym means you can’t let them down. It will also make it a more enjoyable experience as you get to spend time with someone you like. As well as that you’re reaching for your goals together, you can help each other along, support each other and motivate each other. Plus, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to really spur you on.

Prepare your gym playlist

It might sound cheesy, but a motivational playlist really will help. Stick on those upbeat tracks that really get you moving and make you happy. Next, tell people about it and how well you have done. You should be proud of yourself and research has shown that even a virtual network can help to improve our motivation. If you have people there supporting your progress you are more likely to see the benefits of your workout too. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plaster your friends and family’s timeline with workout shots, there are plenty of groups for gym goers.

Keep a record of your achievements

“Whatever types of exercise you do, track your progress. If you are doing weights record how much weight and how many reps you manage each week, if you’re cycling, running or rowing, keep track of how fast and how far you’re going,”

-Jerry Marquette, personal coach and author at Draftbeyond and Writinity.

However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t have to improve every week. You’re likely to see a lot of improvement at the beginning and then you will begin to plateau, this is normal and nothing to be disappointed about. When that happens, change up your routine, instead of seeing how heavy you can lift or how fast you can go, focus on form or how far you can go instead. This will help to stop you from becoming demotivated.

Enjoy yourself

Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you’re doing something you enjoy or at least can learn to enjoy. It must be convenient, so find somewhere that’s easy to get to or something that you can do from home. It must fit into your lifestyle, that’s something that groups can really help with. If you’re doing something you like you’re more likely to be able to stick with it and make it part of our routine.


Martina Sanchez is an entrepreneur and content marketing specialist atLucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She is absorbed with article writing and is a constant contributor to her blog where she touches such topics as digital marketing, SEO tips and tricks etc.

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