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Losing weight can be just as much of a mental battle as it is a physical battle. We hear all too often of ladies feeling discouraged with their weight or frustrated with the number on the scale that they begin to lose hope.

Utilizing other forms of non-scale measurements or milestones can prove we are making progress even when the scale isn’t moving!


Instead of working with cardio-only or strength training-only workout routines, begin incorporating cardio and strength-training mixed workouts.

Mixing these two styles will help improve your overall muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Which will result in more muscles working and even more effective results, faster.

An example of increasing your endurance levels could be timing a super-set including compound movements such as back squats, overhead military presses etc. with a more cardio movement such as… burpees, squat jumps, box jumps or  skater jumps.

Timing your rounds and keeping a record of your BEST time to beat for next workout.


Setting a goal to hit a PR or Personal Record weight on the bench press or PR time on the most difficult running course you know can help distract your interest in what the scale reads.

I personally have gone through believing I need to weigh a “certain weight range” to be able to run a 9:00/mi. pace. Haha, what was I thinking!

I’ve continued to improve my running times while weighing more each PR time. I cannot honestly say that the scale doesn’t “phase me” but when I’m hitting PRs in the weight room and running faster mile times… you have to trust that you’re doing something right and the scale doesn’t matter.



The scale is only a number. This, my ladies, is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have saved progress photos that prove I’ve transformed my body weighing the same weight. So please trust me, the scale is not the ONLY form of measurement we should be using. Purchasing a tape measure (and not the one a construction worker would use, something a seamstress would use) is fairly cheap. When using measurements for weight loss progress with I would suggest taking measurements at your bust, waist, chest, and hips and recording the changes every 4 weeks.



In reference to my point above, progress photos can be utilized to measure the progress we’ve made over time.

It is far more difficult for us to realize and appreciate how far we have come from the start, because we see ourselves everyday.

We suggest taking weekly progress photos. When taking these photos try your best to take them in the same spot, same pose, same lighting, and right away in the morning.



Do you know or remember the feeling you get when you hit your step goal for the day? Or the feeling of something so random as making a shot of crumpled up paper into the trash can? Winner. Yep, every time. Why not create an environment similar to keep ourselves motivated.

For example, keep track of how many days you do something active or how many days in a month you eat nothing but healthy food choices? Set a goal for 25 out of 31 days in the month to do something active, then if you hit that goal be sure to reward yourself.

Don’t make yourself miserable with harsh, restrictive, and unbearable dieting mixed with extensive exercising.

Be good to yourself and allow for balance to naturally occur.

Celebrating the success milestones along the way to the ultimate goal will keep things interesting. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the beginning can be discouraging for anyone. Do your best each day, and you’ll conquer more than you could ever imagine.

As you can see weight loss can be measured and motivating in many different forms that lead to success without even looking at the damn scale. Take a break from that scale for awhile and get out there and crush some goals!






Desiree Marty is from a small town in Southwest Wisconsin. She enjoys everything outdoors and strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Desiree believes life is about balance between a personal and professional lifestyle.

She continues to challenge herself with new goals and athletic pursuits to keep her body and mind guessing.

Desiree is one of our Exclusive HerSUPPZ BRAND AMBASSADORS!

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