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By Faith Ellis

We hope that by now everyone understands that we cannot spot reduce fat on the body. 

Fat loss happens to reduce from wherever it wants.  It will come and go as it pleases according to your individual genetics, and there is nothing we can do about it.

However, once you get down to a low enough body fat percentage, you can choose exercises that define specific areas by focusing on them more.  



I choose to workout at home so substitute where you need to by utilizing gym equipment if that is your preference.


I love to work my legs. First, they are your base therefore, they should be strong. For women, long legs is considered ideal, but I have been blessed with short, strong legs. I call them dancer legs although I am far from coordinated enough to be a dancer. To keep my legs strong and well defined, I lift heavy and I jump A LOT! In order to target all of the lower body, check out my top 5 favorite leg moves:

    1. Jump Squats
    2. Heavy Weight Back Squats
    3. Heavy Straight Leg Deadlifts
    4. Natural Leg Extension
    5. Raised Static Toe Lunge


Remember in the raises lunge to switch legs. As with anything, balance is key and what you do on one side must be done on the opposite side as well.



Other than my back, I hate working the upper body. I suck it up and do it, but if I never had to do another push up or curl again in my life it would be too soon. You have to have balance, therefore, I try to find moves I like and add in the ones I dislike when I have to. That being said, check out my 5 favorite (sort of) upper body moves:

    1. Bent Over Row
    2. Single Leg Tricep Press
    3. Hammer Curl
    4. Band Pull Down
    5. Pushup


When doing the Single Leg Tricep Press, be sure to switch which leg is crossed half-way through. This will create a balanced workout.



This is more my speed! Rock solid abdominals are not only eye-catching and appealing, but a strong core will improve the rest of your workouts. I have so many abdominal moves I could share with you, and there are multiple muscles in the core. It was hard to pick only 5, but here they are:

    1. Ball Pike Ups (Or Jump Pike Ups)
    2. Weighted Bicycle Crunch
    3. Reverse Crunch
    4. Weighted Punch Crunch (Go VERY lightweight here)
    5. Oblique Crunch


On the Oblique Crunch, what you do on one side must be reciprocated on the other side!

I hope you guys enjoy these moves, I would love to hear what some of YOUR favorite moves are too!




Faith Engen Ellis is currently pursuing her certification in personal training. She lives in North Carolina with her supportive husband and busy little fur-baby.

Faith admits she was little heavier growing up. After a visit to her doctor she found it was necessary to change her lifestyle by working out and eating better. From that point on she changed her life and grew to love not only how she looked on the outside but even more how she felt on the inside.

Now Faith wants to share her passion with others so they too can be strong, powerful and happy.

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