5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

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Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Mom! You just have to be a little more creative. And if creativity isn’t really your thing, let us help you.

We have 5 great quarantine-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that will surely be a hit!

The Fit-Friendly Quarantined Mom

A New Apple Watch Band

Ok, these are super cool. If your Mom will turn her car around because she forgot her Apple Watch on the bathroom counter you have to get her a new Apple watch band from Goldenerre. These bands are so beautiful and unique! She can wear them every day or save them for a more dressy occasion. You will def be her “favorite child”!

5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Ankle and/or wrist weights

Ankle and/or wrist weights come in many different sizes and forms. When strapped to your ankles or wrists, they can add between 1 to 20 pounds of resistance to any lower and upper body movement. Believe me, if your fit Mom has complained of not “feeling” her workout as much as she used to, the addition of these weights will really make a difference.

Is your Mom a daily walker? Strapping these on will not only kick up the cardio, but it will also strengthen those muscles! Bonus!

Also, if your Fit Mom loves to kickbox these will really kick her butt!

5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts
Nordic Lifting


What better way to say “I love you, Mom” than antiseptic? It is definitely a hot buy right now! Why not get her one for her gym bag, one for her purse, one for her car, one for the kitchen, one for …you get the idea!

Looking for surgical masks! Why not stock up? Or learn how to make your own here!

5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

The Pampered Quarantine Mom

A Sephora Gift Card

If your Mom is constantly talking about age spots, wrinkles, softer skin, and her favorite perfume, a Sephora Gift Card is the perfect gift! Sephora has everything for the Mom from makeup to skincare to maintaining those luxurious locks. A Sephora Gift Card will keep Mom looking and feeling fresh and hip!

You can even upload your own photo to personalize the gift card even more!

5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

The Nostalgic Quarantine Mom

Plaster Cast of Your Hand(s)

This is a really cool gift even if you don’t consider yourself very crafty. With only a few items and a little creativity, you can have a one-of-a-kind gift that any Mother would cherish for years.

To learn how to do it click here!

5 Awesome Quarantine-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Jessica Allion

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