5 Awesome Gadgets for the Busy Student

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Looking for some fun ‘gadgets’ to make your student life more active and productive? Or are you in search of a perfect gift to send your student off with to make their lives easier?


Students are super busy and their lives are full of many different responsibilities. Studying, finishing assignments, sleep (what sleep?), sports and sporting events whether they are the athlete or just want to catch a game make for a very fast 24 hours!

Luckily, things like the internet can make the student life much easier, add a little technology and your school career can be a little bit easier whether you are a struggling student or typically excel at getting ed-u-cated.

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HP Sprocket Photo Printer

No one can deny that smartphones are phasing out point-and-shoot cameras; however, printed images are here to stay. With an HP Sprocket Photo Printer, you can print the photos you take with your smartphone for decorating your dorm room or for future memories. This printer is portable and allows you to print your snaps straight from your mobile phone. Moreover, you can easily carry it inside your bag.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

You want to get tomorrow’s tasks completed before the day ends, but it seems too hard because you feel fatigued, you feel like your brain isn’t functioning. What if you can get a cup of coffee to jumpstart your focus? Yes, it’s possible with the Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker; you just connect the machine to your smartphone and start brewing your cup of coffee from wherever you may be sitting.

Most essay writers love the Bluetooth Coffee Maker device because it enables them to get coffee whenever they need it. Download the WeMo app on your smartphone and commence brewing your coffee remotely. In just eight minutes, you are good to enjoy your cup of coffee.

OtterBox Phone Charging Case

So you rush to the class thinking that “I will charge it in the lecture room, after all, there are plugs in there”. You reach the lecture room only to find that all the seats near the sockets are all occupied and mind you, you need to make an important call after the lecture. You just can’t miss this call.

It can be frustrating to find that your battery phone is flashing a warning on your screen and because you are late for your lecture, you cannot charge your phone.

Why not save yourself the frustrations by buying an OtterBox phone case so you can charge your phone while on the go.

The case will also protect your phone from falls and drops and hence your battery will last.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku’s streaming stick is an affordable gadget that is simple to use and has plenty of channels. You can connect it to your TV’s HDMI and can be used as a remote control so you don’t have to need your smartphone around you always when streaming content.

Fitbit Flex

As said earlier, the student’s life is a busy one and some things can pass unnoticed. For instance, it can be hard to monitor your fitness and healthy eating goals. Semesters are not always the same.

You come from a busy semester and you are welcomed by yet a busier one and so getting the time to hit the gym can be a challenge. The Fitbit Flex is your basic tracking gadget and comes with a silent alarm so your roommates won’t get distracted.

Have space for a bigger “gadget”?

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The Bad Side of Gadgets

(wait there is a bad side🤔)

Almost every student owns a smartphone and/or other gadgets. However, while these tech tools are beneficial, sometimes they can make students passive or can even cause physical and psychological problems.

Phones, apps, and contrivance aren’t going anywhere and they shouldn’t. They provide so much information to make lives easier, these helpful tools are trends that are here to stay. Students usually introduce most of the trends and they are the ones that form the way the younger generation thinks.

Undeniably, tech gadgets are beneficial to students in many ways. They facilitate faster access to information and collaboration, they enhance communication and remote learning, but they are also disadvantageous in some ways.

Too much use of technology by use of gadgets such as video games, smartphones, iPods, and many others may affect a student’s attendance, ability to concentrate and students may lose interest in learning”, says Janet Angelina, an essay writer for hire, who also works as a consultant at several universities in the UK.

Here is how the use of gadgets may affect a student’s life:

On health

It is common knowledge that the use of electronic gadgets can have negative effects on the health of the user. Overuse of gadgets can make students live an inactive lifestyle which may cause weight gain. In fact, multiple studies by essayninja have associated the use of gadgets with serious problems such as obesity, back issues, eye problems, and many other problems.

On learning

The overuse of gadgets is said to cause a decreased attention span. When the use of smartphones and tablets had not dominated the lives of many, the attention span was approximately 12 seconds.

But after the use of these gadgets became ordinary, the studies suggest that the attention span has gone down to about 8 seconds, which is way too low than an average goldfish. And once the student’s concentration in class is affected, their grades go down.

Distraction is also another side effect of people who spend too much time on gadgets. And once students get distracted, it becomes hard to meet deadlines in class.

On sleep

If you have never tried this, go and experiment today: Take your smartphone, tablet or laptop and start browsing the internet or sending texts late at night then see how your sleep will be. The use of electronic gadgets has been said to affect sleep patterns and as a student, you know how sleep is important.

Students who use gadgets late at night can affect the concentration in class the next day.

Final Words

Technology has become a must-have thing is our modern lives, but it is important to set rules and guidelines that enable students to get the most out of their education without having to say goodbye to their digital lives.

However, if you are aware of the negative side effects of being “plugged in” it is the first step to avoiding all the dangers and reputation that it can have. The following tools are to help you be proactive in your thoughts and actions and to help you reach your goals.

All these gadgets are designed to make your student life much easier and active. These are just a few of the gadgets a student can have, there are plenty more! We have listed the common ones which can be beneficial to all students of all disciplines as shared by top essay writing services in the UK.

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