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Creativity is one of the most amazing gifts a person can have. The sheer ability to create something out of nothing is amazing and wondrous. However, sometimes you want to create and think of new things but creativity just simply isn’t there.
Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can boost your creativity and improve it more than ever. We’ve chosen the 4 best ways you can understand creativity and take it to the next level. Combine them to get the desired results.

1. Learn by collaborating

No human on this planet is able to muster all their mental strength alone. Our minds need triggers, and the best possible triggers are other creative and ambitious people. Therefore, to make sure your creativity is always in top form, you have to exercise it.
Like working out with a competitive partner brings out the best with you, creativity follows suit. It’s important to have dedicated people around you, with whom you can collaborate.
Whenever you feel like you have a block, talk to experts in the field. Ask them about things you aren’t sure about. Give them your existing ideas and ask for feedback.
Creativity is fueled by inspiration. Surrounding yourself with inspirational people will put your mind into a constant flux of ideas and plans. It’s all about staying in mental shape first and your physical will follow, and your circle has a lot to do with it.
Learn, ask, interact and you will find your mind to be much more productive than ever before.

2. Have a fixed time for relaxation

Many people face writer’s block or any other form of idea absence. Instead of relaxing and taking it easy, they stress out about not being able to create. Such an attitude doesn’t lead to anywhere and only creates an even bigger block.
Your mind isn’t omnipotent, and it’s selfish to expect it to work around the clock. When you’re out of ideas, don’t force anything. The whole point of ideas coming to mind is accomplishing this naturally.
To ensure that your mind always has a break, have a three-hour period each day where you do whatever you want. No responding to business emails, no thinking of new projects – just relaxation. By inducing this habit of refueling your mind, your creativity will soon rise.
Oftentimes, a lack of inspiration is due to mental fatigue. Having a period that doesn’t require you to strain yourself will be a great way to save energy. With that newly-received energy, you can be more creative than ever.

3. Exercise

Exercise has many benefits for the human body. When your mind is not being creative enough, step aside from your desk and computer and head out for a walk. The exercise doesn’t have to be intense.
By doing something that increases your blood flow, you are essentially increasing the efficiency of your brain. More blood means more oxygen and more oxygen means a faster brain. Plus, being physically active decreases the risk of developing health problems.
Having your mind and body in sync is a key to improving your creativity. Going for a jog in nature will free your mind from everyday stress and allow you to focus on what’s really important.
Remember, no matter how badly you want to create, you must not force it. Thinking is a process that is both bodily and mental and physical.
When you have tasks to finish, remembering a successful workout will encourage you and show you that you can accomplish what you wanted. Establishing a routine like this will help you improve your creativity.

4. Read more, create less

Sometimes, it may be hard to realize that an idea is only a small end result of a lot of work. If you’re having trouble with creativity, maybe there aren’t enough sources of inspiration around you.
To improve your creativity, you should read more and soak in more knowledge. Oftentimes, problems with creating, stem from expectations that people should create all the time.
By reading more and creating less, you will have more focused and concise ideas. Additionally, you will decrease the pressure in your life and be much more relaxed. All these factors add up to make you a more creative person.

Concluding thoughts

Staying creative may be challenging, but it’s all about habit. Surrounding yourself with the right people, taking care of your body and seeking inspiration everywhere are the keys. Keep working hard and have time to relax. By doing so, your creativity will soar.

Joe McLean is a marketing expert and graphic designer working for an Australian marketing company. He graduated from the University of Queensland, majoring in marketing and web design and started his career with Assignment Masters. He is well traveled, love to write in his free time, and loves spending time on the beach with his two cute huskies.

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