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I’ve always been a huge advocate for achieving balance in life. For years I struggled with maintaining a social life, healthy diet, exceptional performance professionally, and overall happiness.

Along the way, I started to form 4 Non-Negotiable rules that I naturally began to apply that slowly contributed to my overall healthy living transformation and today I ffollow these general guidelines to keep myself in-check:

1. Sunday planning

This may seem like a dumb rule but for me I appreciate being home in the afternoon on a Sunday (usually 3-4pm). It doesn’t matter if I have all my meals prepped, laundry done, training schedule set for the week, etc. either. Sunday nights are my time to sit, rest, and relax before the stormy week begins Monday morning. Also, if I have a crazy busy weekend where I’m not home to get my other tasks done, at least coming home by early afternoon allows me enough time to catch up.

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2. Allow for flexibility

2 Days a week allow more flexible with eating and drinking – with moderation of course but NEVER 3 days in a row.

If I can stick to my routine and normal nutrition habits for at least 5 days out of the week, it’s hard for me to want to throw it all away with a couple “treat days” or “cheat days” or whatever society tends to label it now. In my mind, I think of the human body as a “machine”. We must feed ourselves with nutrition dense food to achieve the optimal performance output.

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Typically, I like my more flexible days on the weekend. Depending on my schedule I may allow myself to go out during the week and then only have 1 day on the weekend where I allow myself to be more flexible. Again, keeping this rule in line will allow me to hold myself accountable to my goals with the primary goal of balance in mind.

Important to note: if I do line my weekend up to be my 2 days of flexible eating/drinking I am very cautious that carrying over into a THIRD day is nothing but trouble. Enjoy the flexible days and get back on track to earn the next week’s flexible eating days!

3. Never miss 3 consecutive days from activity

Similar to the flexible nutrition days, I do not allow myself to go 3 days without some kind of physical activity. That doesn’t necessarily mean I need to go to the gym and train for it to count though. I recognize the importance for our bodies to rest and recover from different levels of activity and prioritize that in my programming. I often use the analogy of our bodies as “machines” therefore, If we do not take care and allow our bodies to heal from strenuous activity, they will refuse to grow. Missing 2 days can be understandable with a busy schedule, but falling behind after 3 days can seem like an eternity!

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4. Personal day

This could be from my independent personality, but I need a personal day at least once a week. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a full day, but AT LEAST half of a day for me to collect myself and to reflect on the past week’s events and what’s to come in the week ahead. Setting that time aside to give myself time to collect my thoughts is imperative. I take an interest in personal development and look forward to finding new avenues to challenge myself in becoming a better person. This personal day is also used to ensure I have everything set up for myself for the week to come. Rest and reflection play a larger role in our day-to-day activities than we may realize.

Desiree is from a small town in southwestern Wisconsin. She’s enjoys everything outdoors and strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Desiree believes life is about balance between a personal and professional lifestyle. She continues to challenge herself with new goals and athletic pursuits to keep her body and mind guessing.  She believes that success in all aspects of life is the ultimate goal. Des looks forward to helping and motivating her family, friends and followers to be the best version of themselves.

Desiree’s favorite products for post-workout, she has two favorites: Xtend and ABC CORE Nutritionals. Xtend brand blends very well and is a very fine kind of powder.She loves all the flavors! ABC CORE Nutritionals is an extensive blend with multiple aminos that will assist in more efficient recovery. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry!

Desiree loves Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy to spice up any drink and helps give her a boost of energy. The Amino Energy Café series as an excellent substitute for creamer in my coffee. She also uses flavors such as Watermelon or Blueberry mixed in lemonade or iced tea.

For protein her all-time favorite is Fudge Brownie flavor of Dymatize ISO-100. She has also tried  cinnamon bun, cookies & crème and they’re delicious also!

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