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Happiness is perhaps the most sought after thing in the world. My colleagues express their never-ending desire to be happier at times. In fact, it could be argued that happiness is the secret to success. Many people think of it in the opposite way: they think that success is the secret to happiness, yet there are many examples of people who are wildly successful at whatever they do but do not feel happy.

So clearly happiness isn’t dependent on success. However, I have never met anyone in my life that was happy but unsuccessful. Even the poorest of them felt quite fulfilled in life. And isn’t that what matters? Isn’t it all in your head?


We deserve to be happy as humans. That is the only way we can truly explore our potential. That is how we can be everything we could ever be and more. However, it takes quite a bit of work, It doesn’t just come. Part of the problem is that some tend to have a knack for seeing the glass as half empty.


Going back to storytelling from the Greek tragedies of old the stories start, the protagonist and their associates are as happy as happy can be. It’s around that time that some kind of disaster or trigger occurs and spurs the hero into some kind of quest. Some struggle to regain that happiness that they lost. And that’s where the crux of the story is; in their struggle.

The very best novels, the very best plays, and the most epic movies are about struggle. We love to hear about struggle, and we love to talk about it. We romanticize it. I have heard a lot of people complain about their partners and relationships, saying “they’re too good to me. They’re too perfect. It seems too good to be true.”

It’s all as if we expect conflict and struggle. We anticipate it. We almost revel in it. It can be argued that the human race is somewhat of a masochistic species. So if we have such tendencies, happiness must take a lot of effort from us, shouldn’t it? It should involve us actually working to accept happiness.

So would you like to know how you can put in that effort? Well, I’ll give you 10 solid ways you can do it.

👉Look back to your roots for clues

As young children, we are always unashamedly pursuing whatever interests us. We do only what makes us happy and shun anything that doesn’t, so long as we can help it. So look back to your childhood. What made you happy back then? What were you most passionate about? To put it more poetically: what set your soul on fire? If you can find that then maybe you should do a little more of that in your current life? Whatever it was, whatever your hobbies back then, they are probably the very things that will make you happy even today. In fact, it is often advised that you should find a way to turn these childhood passions of yours into your career.

For me, growing up, I just read and write. I never knew how something so basic could be turned into a career, and yet I never stopped doing it, writing about what I read every evening. Eventually, I got into a career offering professional assignment help. I started out at australianwritings.com but later worked with other services as well. You can read about what I do in these Edubirdie reviews. I can confidently say I am happy with my career now.

🦄Look for magic

No, I don’t mean you should go to Hogwarts, sorry. Magic is something that is all around us if we only care to look. When you chase after the feelings of awe and wonder, you tend to forget about any prevailing depression and sadness. So do that. Look at the things around you that make you go, “Wow!”

If you are able go and view one of the world wonders, listen to your favorite music, read your favorite novel. Whatever it is that fills you with wonder and awe, look for it and revel in that wonder and awe. Suddenly, the universe ceases to look like that the dark and dreary place we like to make it out to be. Suddenly, it is beautiful!

🤝Connect with other humans

Another great source of happiness is in the relationships we have. They have a way of turning everything into magic and giving meaning to life and existence that is otherwise meaningless. If you have close family and friends, try to spend more time with them and enjoy the little things you do with them. If not, then maybe you should try to find close friends. Look for people you share interests and passions with. Those make the very best friends.

🌍Experiences are more valuable than things

We tend to value acquiring things. However, the kind of happiness you get from an experience is much greater than what you get from a thing. You also have less of an impact on the environment that way. Try to get some experiences: travel, go hiking, go sky diving, go watch your favorite band live. You’ll be happier for it. Working out will always make you happy. It’s science. Workout with a friend and see #3 above above☝

🦁Be more courageous

We all know what we’re good at and enjoy doing those things every day. Try to be a little different. Look for the areas in your life that you should work on. Try to do them a little more often and get good at them. The thrill of achievement will make you happier.

🥂Host a party

Why not host a dinner party and interact with your acquaintances casually? Even that little bit of interaction will make you a lot happier.

😏Compliment people more

Complimenting people makes them happy. The interesting thing is that it also makes you happy. When you compliment people, seeing them react positively to the compliment sends all the positive vibes rushing right back at you, and you become happy as well.


Smiling, even when you’re not happy, this can actually trick your brain into thinking that you’re happy and the brain reacts in kind. That’s why you’re always encouraged to smile. Now, not only are you happier, but people around you will be happier too. Win+Win.

🤸‍♀️Be optimistic

Life is full of opportunities and possibilities. To see the glass as half full, rather than half empty, is a choice you have to make. When you choose to have this outlook on life, you tend to be much happier.

😂Just BE happy

Sometimes the secret to being happy is to simply, well, be happy! Happiness isn’t a destination; it’s the journey. We don’t work toward happiness. It’s something we actively choose to be in our everyday lives.

Wrap it up

So now that you know how easy it is to be happy, will you do it? Will you be happy? Try it! It’s totally worth it!

Kurt Walker is a London-based writer who offers help with essay writing to students. He was one of those students who always relied on a college paper writing service, thinking he didn’t have what it took. Since he started trying, he fell in love with academic writing. Now, he works as an editor for Edu Birdie and a full-time writer for BestEssays.com.au, my-assignment.help and bestdissertation.

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